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We are excited to share with you that a pair of Low and Away Members, and local products will be playing on NBC Sports nationwide at the Moe's Southwest Classic.  The Classic is scheduled for February 17th, 2013, at EverBank Field. Coaches Quint Miller and Chase Miller (former Manheim Township players), Robbie Wertz (former Manheim Township), Pete Duluca (former Penn Manor),  will be competing for the Jacksonville Dolphins taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes featuring Dan Wertz (former Manheim Township Player). Two Low and Away future Division I commits, Brady Charles (Jacksonville) and Alex Ready (Denver) will watch their teams compete in the Classic.  The Classic will be a great representation of the growth of Central Pennsylvania Lacrosse and we congratulate these young student-athletes for their achievements.
All of these players have worked extremely hard and is an exciting time as they get to compete at a national level.  Central Pennsylvania being a non traditional hotbed has the opportunities to become as strong as anywhere in the country.  The talent, athleticism is here and the opportunities to enhance your skills as individuals are waiting for you.  We wish these players nothing but the best of luck and can't wait to see who the future players are, playing in the national spotlight.  We challenge all to improve your skills and to do what ever it takes to your reach your full potential! 
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 Click here to see Quint and Chase after winning the Philadelphia Indoor Lacrosse Championships!






Our organization is focused on three simple concepts


1) High Level Coaching - We raise the expectations for our players by talking them through the physical and mental aspects of lacrosse. We get them to understand they are just as capable as any region in the country and we expect them to successfully compete in the best tournaments, against the best teams. Our Coaches are some of the most knowledgeable people in the game and we expect parents and players to use us as resources to further their development as young men and lacrosse players.


2) Recruiting - We are constantly reminding our players of the necessary steps they have to take to get successfully recruited to the institutions they identify as their top choices.


3) Having Fun - Lacrosse is a growing sport. There are many common misconceptions of the best way to approach playing the sport and getting recruited to the next level. We want our players to understand what they need to have fun and be successful in the sport of lacrosse which inevitably entails a lot of hard work.  The sense of fulfillment our players get after working hard and succeeding is the way we approach coaching and the way our players will approach playing.





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