Locally-Sourced Highlights!
0124 - Jersey Asparagus, 28#
Jersey Fresh asparagus season is expected to stretch into early June.  Asparagus is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants; and is a natural diuretic. Enjoy roasted, steamed, grilled, or raw. Asparagus pairs well with just about everything.
Fresh Herbs: 
1302 - Dill, 4oz
1334 - Dill, 1#
1357 - Mint, 4oz
1350 - Mint, 1#
Fresh herbs elevate even the simplest recipes. Our local herbs are grown by Ploch Farms in Vineland, New Jersey. When ordering your fresh herbs, be sure to specify "local".
0314 - Hydro-Bibb Lettuce, 12ct
It doesn't get an fresher than these living heads of delicate bibb lettuce. These leaves are perfect for [low-carb / gluten-free] lettuce wraps. Our hydro-bibb is grown by our local partner Butter Valley Harvest in Bally, Pennsylvania.
5345 - Living Basil plants, 16ct
5347 - Living Mint plants, 16ct
Excellent for retailers and farm markets! These high-quality plants come with a wooden basket for display. Locally-scoured from our local partner ARC Greenhouses in Shiloh, New Jersey.
Cooking Greens: 
3032 - Baby Bok Choy
0260 - Collard Greens
3067 - Green Swiss Chard
3068 - Red Swiss Chard
Try something besides spinach and kale!







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