Location Highlight 
March 2018
A Wrinkle in Time, Humboldt County
  • Permit:                easy                       
  • Parking:    available on-site  and nearby  (including for  working trucks and  trailers)                     
  • Catering:  available nearby       
  • Accommodations:  available nearby               
  • Nearest Resources:         available nearby                      
  • Nearest HWY:         Hwy 101
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Watch our locations video!
Cassandra Hesseltine
Humboldt-Del Norte 
Film Commissioner
President, FLICS 
The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is here to help with your production needs  and our services are provided free of charge. 

The Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commission is recognized by the County of Humboldt, County of Del Norte, and the California Film Commission  as the official advocate for filming in Humboldt and Del Norte, California. We are also a member of the organization FLICS (Film Liaisons in California Statewide). The Film Commissioner, Cassandra Hesseltine, is currently serving her second term as the President of FLICS. 

Cassandra Hesseltine became the region's Film Commissioner in fall of 2010.  Prior to taking on the role of Film Commissioner, Cassandra worked in film and theater.  

It's always a pleasure to work with productions when they come to film in the Redwood Region, especially when they are a joy to work with like Disney's A Wrinkle in Time. From the first scouting trips, filming, wrap-out, the building excitement as we saw our locations in trailers and featurettes, to the Give Back Screening Disney hosted for the Redwood Region last Wednesday before it's opening weekend, A Wrinkle in Time treated us right! A huge thank you goes out to Disney, Location manager Alison Taylor, Director Ava DuVernay, and the whole cast and crew!
Director Ava DuVernay scouting Sequoia Park in Eureka
A va and team scouting with Supervising Ranger Keven Harder at Patrick's Point State Park
Ava on set at Patrick's Point State Park
Camera vehicle carefully negotiating a footpath in Patrick's Point State Park
Local boom truck setting up for a shot in Patrick's Point State Park
Ava prepping actress Storm Reid for shot in Patrick's Point State Park
Balloon techs setting up for a shot in Patrick's Point State Park
Location Manager Alison Taylor, State Senator Mike McGuire, and Commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine visit set at Patrick's Point State Park
God rays on production at Sequoia Park in Eureka
Effects team setting up for a shot in Sequoia Park
Production and SpyderCam team prepping shot in Sequoia Park
Production and SpyderCam in Sequoia Park
Work trucks parked on street just outside Sequoia Park
Cast and crew in Sequoia Park
Local High School visitors with Producer Catherine Hand in Sequoia Park
Commissioner Cassandra Hesseltine and Disney  Vice President of Film and Television Production Planning Mary Ann Hughes at Disney's Give Back Screening in Eureka
Local crew and vendors enjoying Disney's Give Back Screening on March 7th.
Thank you Disney, Ava, and the rest of the cast and crew for choosing the Redwood Region for A Wrinkle in Time!
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