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March 19, 2018

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#Stigma 180 Speakers Series

#Stigma180 = mental health for all
#Stigma180 is an initiative of Eastern Carver County Schools to reverse the stigma ("do a 180") regarding mental health. Professional speakers and events are planned throughout this year. Here are some upcoming events:

This is a workshop for parents and their child(ren) ages 9-12

Click here for more information about GROWING UP!
Lockdown Procedure Update 
CRE Families:

For nearly a year, administrators in Eastern Carver County Schools have been working on new lockdown procedures. Clover Ridge teachers and staff have been practicing our revised lockdown procedures for the past few weeks. Clover Ridge will now use "lockdown with options." In the past, we have practiced "hide in place" lockdowns. Multiple law enforcement and safety agencies recommend this more proactive approach.

Our new plan gives employees and students the options to hide, run or counter if an intruder enters a school. Rather than only hiding, we want our staff and students to run away from an emerging crisis if it is safe to do so. If not, they should hide and protect their hiding place, while keeping open the options to run or counter. Counter is the last option. It is used to distract, subdue or incapacitate an intruder if there is a direct confrontation and running is not possible.

Schools are among the safest places for students. We practice fire drills and tornado drills, yet our school district has not experienced a fire or tornado that caused serious harm. We must also practice lockdown drills to be prepared.

Eastern Carver County Schools has developed age-appropriate materials to train our students and to support you in conversations at home.  Please use our discussion guides, which we have developed for parents/guardians to talk at home with their children about lockdown with options.
If you have concerns about your student's sensitivity to information about lockdowns, please contact your student's teacher, counselor or administrator. District information has been developed not to be alarming or intentionally frightening, but we recognize the topic of a school intruder may be upsetting to some students.

We have decided to share a presentation that explains our process on Wednesday March 21st. The drill will take place on Thursday, March 22.  The district 112 video above is for you to share with your child if you wish.  This video will be shown to students in Grades 3-5.  For students in Grade K-2, a developmentally appropriate presentation containing the same message has been developed to guide the training as they discuss it in their homeroom class.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have about this process. I want to assure you that we have carefully considered how we can prepare our students without frightening them.

Nate Slinde, Principal
Debi Doran, Administrative Dean