June 2015

Lockerly Arboretum
June Newsletter

Art for your garden (just in time for Father's Day too)
Inspired? You can create a garden bucket for your yard with artist Christi Connor Tate on June 20th 

If you are stumped on what to give for Father's Day this year (or need a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or housewarming) 
Lockerly is offering a Saturday morning workshop on June 20th that can solve your gift-giving dilemma! 

Artist Christi Conner Tate

will help you design and paint a cheerful container that will add color to your doorway, garden, or yard all year. If you don't consider yourself to be creative, this class is for you. If you describe yourself as creative, this class is for you too, because it will help you learn which materials are best for making plant containers for your yard. Plus, you'll be able to use what you learn during our June 20th workshop and make more containers at home to share with friends and family.

Our workshop will be limited to 10 people, so register today if you want to be sure you can attend. Parents may bring a child (6 years old and up) if they want to make a container together (Dad has plenty of ties.Why not give him a gift you've made that he can enjoy all year?)

We'll supply all the materials, and Christi will have plenty of ideas to help you. Be sure to wear clothes that you won't mind getting paint on.

The cost per adult (or adult and one child) is $30.00. You can register online or send a check to:
Lockerly Arboretum
P O Box 310
Milledgeville, GA 31059

Registration closes on Tuesday, June 16th. If you are a Friend of Lockerly at the Azalea level or higher, you'll receive a 10 percent discount on the cost of the class.
Camp Discovery registration closes on June 12
Camp Discovery is designed for children who will enter the first and second grades in the fall. Campers explore all over the Arboretum, learning about animals, birds, geology, and aquatic life in the pond behind Rose Hill. We have a low camper to teacher ratio of 5:1, and all our Camp Discovery kids get plenty of hands-on learning and supervision.

Camp Discovery is held June 22-26 at Lockerly, from 8:30 in the morning until noon. Register online through June 12 or call 478.452.2112 to reserve a space.

Birds, butterflies, plants, trees and more with the Audubon Society at Lockerly
The Ocmulgee Audubon Society, OAS, hopes you'll join them for their June field trip to Lockerly on Saturday, June 20th, In addition to watching (and listening to) birds in the gardens, the group will look for butterflies. Habitats for both birds and butterflies will be part of the outing that morning. The group will start at 8:30 a.m. and conclude by midday. 

This field trip is a great opportunity to learn more about birds, butterflies, and their habitats.  The field trip is open to everyone at no charge. You don't have to be an experienced bird watcher to participate. 

For more information on Ocmulgee Audubon Society, contact their President, Andre Coquerel, at  andre.coquerel@gmail.com 
We did the math
We are fortunate to have all kinds of volunteers at Lockerly. We have Dirt Diggers who come out twice a month (or more), Rose Hill docents, student and community service volunteers, and committee member volunteers (plus our Trustees).

We ask all our volunteers to sign in so we can track the number of hours they contribute here. Through the month of May our volunteers logged 825.75 hours in the Arboretum or the Worley Center. Dirt Diggers contributed 246.25 in the gardens, and students spent a total of 579.5 at Worley or in the Arboretum. We're going to improve our tracking of Rose Hill volunteer time so we can give proper credit to the people who share their passion for one of Georgia's most beautiful homes.

We appreciate the time, energy, and expertise that our volunteers contribute to the grounds and mansion. Thank you for being so generous.
Lockerly Swag

The latest fashion rage in Middle Georgia is the new Lockerly t-shirts in fashion-
forward green or a rich shade of blue. These new t-shirts that are perfect for wearing just about anywhere.

Our shirts are Gildan Ultra-Cotton in kiwi green or a rich blue color. The front left chest has Lockerly Arboretum and the back has the updated Lockerly tree and our web address below it. 
We have children's sizes through  adult XXL. 

You can get your own Lockerly swag during our
regular hours, Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30, at our Admin Office next to the greenhouses (also makes a great birthday or Father's Day gift).  
Congratulations to our graduate!
GCSU student Brian Mainor, who has been a great team member of our Education Program, received his Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Environmental Science, and a minor in Geology, last month.

Brian is looking for a job that will include field work, doing either site assessments or remediation at mined/damaged sites. He has specific skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and  extensive field work involving soil sampling, ecological assessments, and hydrologic testing

In addition to school and working at Lockerly part-time, Brian also manged to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

We are very fortunate to have great students working for us in both our Education and Horticulture programs. We'll miss having Brian with us every week.

June Garden Tips
Kyle Burgamy
Landscape Architect

During the summer heat, some of your garden plants may need supplemental water in order to survive. Most importantly, make sure that anything you have planted this spring is getting adequate water. For plants that need hand-watering, a long-handled watering wand is an essential tool that makes the job easier. The gentle waterfall from the nozzle of a wand soaks the soil around a plant without disturbing it, unlike the direct stream from a hose.

image copyright smartearthsprinklers.com

Remember that the symptoms for drought-stricken plants are similar to those of over-watered plants. If a plant is in bad shape, don't assume that more water is what is needed. If the soil is staying constantly moist, simply let the plant dry out, or at least accept that another factor other than water availability may be affecting plant health.


Now is a good time to plant sprigs (small plugs) of Bermuda, Centipede, and Zoysia. Because sprigging is labor intensive, it is best done on small lawns. June is the best month to plant Centipede or Zoysia grass seed. Seeded lawns require daily watering and weed control for at least four weeks. The best time to dethatch established warm-season lawns is when the grass is growing rapidly, typically in May or June. A thatch layer less than 1/2 inch in depth is not harmful.


Apply a water-soluble fertilizer like Peters? or Miracle-Gro? to newly planted perennials for a quick boost. Check for insects and treat as needed, using insecticidal soaps whenever possible to control problems like aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies.Spot-spray weeds in your perennial beds with a non-selective weedkiller. Hand-pull weeds that are immediately next to desirable plants that might be harmed by chemical controls.   

Kyle joined the Lockerly Board of Trustees in April of this year. He is a landscape architect and works at T-bones Nursery, a Lockerly sponsor. 


We're looking for a new team member

We've been exceptionally busy in the Arboretum and Rose Hill since the beginning of the new year. We have ambitious plans for the remainder of this year and into 2016. Both the staff and Trustees appreciate your patience while we have juggled multiple projects.

Our plans and projects are the result of partnerships among Trustees, volunteers, and staff. We are now launching a search for a new Horticulture Director. If you know someone who would be a good addition to our team at Lockerly, please share the Horticulture Director Job Announcement with them. 

We are grateful for your support and hope we can continue to count on your help in the coming months as we select, and then welcome, a new team member to Lockerly. 
We appreciate our sponsors