Lockerly Newsletter June 2016
Volunteer of the Month

Our Volunteer of the Month is Peggy Dunford, one of our most energetic Dirt Diggers. Peggy is so devoted to working in the Arboretum that she often comes out two
Peggy Dunford at Lockerly
mornings a week to help.

We don't require that our Dirt Diggers be Master Gardeners, but Peggy says she has become a Master Gardener of Weeding thanks to everything our Horticulture Director, Debbie Foster has taught her. Peggy says she has learned a lot about plants and designing beds to showcase plants.

Peggy's gardening work is divided between her yard in Milledgeville and her home near London. Since she returned to Milledgeville in March, Peggy spent 74.75 hours volunteering in the Arboretum through the end of May.

Peggy was an enthusiastic Plant Sale volunteer in April, and she sold a tremendous number of drawing prize tickets during our three-day event. We are most appreciative of her efforts when we are lucky enough to have her in town.

Peggy loves this Butterfly Tree, genus Buddliea, native to Asia, in her yard.
Hydrangea purchased at our plant sale in 2012 flourishing in Peggy's yard.

Hypertufa (hy-per-TOO-fa) is a mixture of cement, perlite, peat, and water (that's where the messy component comes in). Once the mixture is thoroughly combined, it is ideal
Two containers can be used for molding.
for shaping and molding into lightweight plant containers and small sculptures. Debbie Foster is offering a hypertufa workshop on Tuesday, June 14th from 9:30-11:00 so you can make your own containers.

Hypertufa molds include plastic containers or even cardboard boxes. If you have something in your kitchen cabinets you would like to use, bring it to the workshop! 

This medium also lends itself to adding color and design accents including colored glass and small tiles. We'll have accent pieces, but if you have something you would like to include, perhaps some small tiles (or pieces from a broken one that had an unfortunate accident), bring
Add terracotta pieces for a weathered or distressed look.
them to the workshop. You'll leave with a unique container that will fit the decor of your home or patio.

The cost for registration is $12 for Friends of Lockerly and $15 for nonmembers (age 15 and up). 
If you would like to make more than one, the cost is $7 per additional container.

hildren ages six to 14 are welcome to join in the fun with a registered parent or grandparent, and each pot they make will be $7 per container.

Register here  and put the workshop on your calendar (there is a link for becoming a Friend of Lockerly too)! Dress to get dirty and maybe damp, and join us on June 14th for some creative fun.

Let's turn a trickle into a flood!

Last month we announced a fundraising project to add running water and three sinks to our education classroom. With over 4,000 students a year participating in one of Lockerly's education programs, adding water to the mix could easily expand what we can offer. 

In addition to improving demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities, the building will provide an ideal place for art classes and creative activities that require easy access to water.

The estimate for adding water and three sinks to the education classroom is $3,500. Your contribution today will help us reach our goal. We'd like to have everything ready by the beginning of the school year.

If you would like to support the improvements to our classroom, please make a donation online and choose Education Programs so we know where to direct your contribution. If you prefer to donate by sending a check, please print this form and include it with your donation.

Our Education Director, Greg Eiliers, his staff, and our Education Committee volunteers, do an amazing job of teaching everyone who participates in our programs. Please support this much-needed update to our education facilities today. 

We are proud of our graduates

Lockerly is fortunate to have exceptional student employees. Each year they help educate thousands of students during field trips, work in the Teaching Garden and greenhouses, load plants during the Plant Sale, greet visitors, and work special events. Last month we were proud to see Jess Burke and Emily Cruce receive their diplomas from Georgia College. Both women have made tremendous contributions to our programming across history and outdoor education.

Jess Burke
Jess received her undergraduate degree at Georgia College and fortunately for Lockerly, she continued to work here while she earned her Master of Arts in History. Jess has accepted an offer to work as the   Education Coordinator for South Dakota State University's Agricultural Heritage Museum in Brookings, South Dakota. The program she will direct is interdisciplinary, incorporating history and agriculture through a STEAM approach (Science Technology Engineering  the Arts Math).

Emily Cruce
Emily graduated with a  Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science.This summer she is studying Environmental Sustainability in Zambia as part of a study abroad program. Emily helped teach both adults and school-age students during her time at Lockerly, in addition to helping with special events.

We hope Jess and Emily won't be strangers to Lockerly when their adventures and travels bring them near Milledgeville.  
June Garden Tips
Debbie Foster
Lockerly Horticulture Director 

Timing is critical when pruning trees and shrubs that are grown for their flowers or fruit. If you prune at the wrong time, you might be removing all or most of next year's flowers. Gardenia, Loropetalum, Forsythia and Azalea are just a few of the shrubs who are often robbed of their color and beauty when pruned at the wrong time of year.  Before you prune, I would highly recommend consulting a pruning calendar such as the one published by Walter Reeves, The Georgia Gardener.
I am often asked if it is normal for evergreen shrubs to turn yellow or brown in the interior. While it can be alarming to see your shrubs doing this, it is quite normal.  As new foliage is produced in the spring, the shrub's interior becomes more shaded and the older foliage is purged. This may also happen in the fall of the year but don't be alarmed. As long as each branch has green foliage at the ends and the dead foliage is confined to the interior there is no cause for alarm.  If the majority of the shrub turns brown or if the dead foliage extends beyond the interior out to the tips these are indications of a more serious problem.
Azalea lace bugs are one of the most damaging pests of evergreen azaleas. They
Lace bugs
overwinter as eggs in azalea leaves and begin hatching in spring. Control is best targeted early in the season when lace bugs are young for two reasons. First, young lace bugs are easier to kill than adults and if you kill them before they mature and lay eggs you have a better chance of clearing up the infestation. Second, the longer azalea lace bugs are on your plant the more damage they do. On evergreen azaleas this damage sticks around for a very long time so plants may be permanently damaged.
Repeated applications of some insecticides such as acephate (ex. Orthene), horticulture oil, or imidacloprid may be needed to control lace bugs effectively. Make the first application as soon as young lace bugs appear in the spring. Follow with a second application 7 to 10 days later and repeat as needed at monthly intervals. Thorough coverage is essential when applying sprays if good control is expected. Make sure the undersides of the leaves are covered with insecticide. It is best to apply imidacloprid after flowering has finished and blooms have faded to protect pollinators.

Read the rest of Debbie's garden tips here.
Juried Daylily Show at Rose Hill

The Central Georgia Daylily Club will hold its first American Hemerocallis Society sanctioned show on Thursday, June 9th at Rose Hill. Entries will be accepted from
Hermercallis 'Wild Horses'
9:00-10:30 that morning, with judging beginning at 11:00. The public is invited to enter any registered daylily cultivar into the show. 

From 12:30-3:30 the public is invited to see the flowers on display. A limited number of daylily plants will be available for purchase. For more information contact Becky Brock at 478.452.0969. 

We appreciate our sponsors

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