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Lockerly Newsletter January 2016
Volunteers of the Month
Team work goes a long way at Lockerly. This month we are recognizing the efforts of six groups: Old Capital Garden Club, Carrington Woods Garden Club, Town and Country Garden Club, Milledgeville Garden Club, the combined efforts of Rose Hill Docents and Arboretum Dirt Diggers, and Life Enrichment Center students.

The garden clubs plan period appropriate decorations for Rose Hill, and in two days, approximately 25 volunteers transform Rose Hill into a vision of mid-1800s Christmas. Staff cuts wheelbarrows full of greenery, and some of our volunteers bring additional pieces from their own yards. The Christmas tree in the back parlor is decorated with handmade ornaments by Life Enrichment Center students,which is the final part of our volunteer efforts.

We are appreciative of the time, skill, and enthusiasm required to decorate such a huge home. Please make plans to come next year to see their work, and take home some ideas you can use for your own decorations.
Day of Service planned to honor Dr. King

This year we have invited two church groups, one led by Brian England at Northridge Christian Church, and another led by David Luke at Flipper Chapel AME Church, to work in the Arboretum on Monday, January 18th as a service project to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They will be working in the wooded areas on trail maintenance. This type of work is usually limited to cooler months, and we look forward to having their help.
What's planned for 2016?

We have begun to fill up the Lockerly calendar with events including our Spring Plant Sale, a hands-on workshop with our Hort Director, and a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. If you have an idea about something we can offer, please let us know. Stay current on what we have planned by checking our Events page. 

If you are thinking about reserving Rose Hill and the Arboretum for a wedding, party, or business meeting, our online calendar will show you dates that are available. To schedule a time and get all the details on hosting your event here, contact our Executive Director at katherinecummings@lockerly.org or call Katherine at 478.452.2112. We'd love for you to host a special occasion here, so chose a date and reserve it soon.
Updated Eco-Explorers Program

We've changed our Eco-Explorer program to make it easier
for children to become an official Lockerly Eco-Explorer.        
Bring a child to the Arboretum and explore together!

January Garden Tips
Debbie Foster
Lockerly Horticulture Director 

The cold, dark, rainy days of winter can bring on the blues now that our loved ones have gone home and the gifts have all been opened. Even in the winter our gardens can still bring us joy. Hollies can brighten a winter landscape with fabulous foliage and beautiful berries. They come in many shapes and sizes and the berries will attract birds to your garden. When you buy a holly, ask if it needs a pollinating mate to produce berries. The female has berries but needs a male for pollination. Hollies should be planted between November and March. Hollies like an acidic soil and benefit from yearly fertilization that shoul be done in the early spring. The American holly, Chinese holly, Foster's holly and Yaupon holly are among the most common producers of red berries.

Other trees and shrubs with red berries are nandina, pyracantha, hawthorn, chokeberry and certain viburnums. Two hawthorns noted for their excellent fruit displays are the Washington hawthorn and Winter King hawthorn. The Chindo viburnum and Nandina have bright red fruit in large clusters. Chokeberry and Winterberry are both deciduous native shrubs with red berries. Pyracantha has orange-red berries that persist into winter.
Camellias are another way to enjoy the garden in winter. The blooms that catch our eye in the fall and early winter come from Camellia sasanqua, followed by those of Camellia japonica in winter and early spring. Camellias are not the only show in town.

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