Lockerly Newsletter April 2016
Volunteers of the Month

Lyn and Kathy Chandler
Some things are good on their own, and even better as a pair. That is surely the case with our April Volunteers of the Month, Lyn and Kathy Chandler.

Both are retired educators, and they have a limitless passion for providing educational opportunities for people of all ages who visit Lockerly.

Kathy is chair of our Education Committee and is, much to our regret, serving in her last year as a Trustee. She took up the work of revitalizing the Woods Museum and added a Visitor Center in the process. The heat and air conditioning unit had already been secured as a donation by the Chandlers working together. With the help of the Education Committee and Dirt Diggers, the Museum will serve as a starting point for visitors and school field trips.

The Museum now tells the story of Rose Hill, the families who lived here, E.J. Grassmann and his founding of the Arboretum, and the role Rose Hill now plays as a setting for weddings, special celebrations, meetings, and educational programs.

Kathy is also one of Lockerly's most adept recruiters. When the Board of Trustees took on a challenge to recruit more people to become Friends of Lockerly, she recruited her husband, Lyn, to help. The response has been tremendous! As the former principal of Baldwin County High School, an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, and Chair of the Baldwin County Board of Education, Lyn has used his countywide network to add 10 new memberships (so far) to our Friend of Lockerly roster.

Working as a finely tuned team, the Chandlers told the story of Lockerly and the work on the Woods Museum to Keith Rheinhart at Lowe's, and before we knew it, a cabinet donated by Lowe's was being carried into the Woods Museum Visitor Center!

Inspiring children and adults to be curious about plants and their environments was a lifelong passion of the Arboretum's founder. Clearly Kathy and Lyn Chandler share this passion for providing educational opportunities to learn about the natural world around us. 
Join us for a ribbon cutting on Thursday, April 7th

Please join the Lockerly Arboretum Foundation Trustees, volunteers, and staff to celebrate the re-opening of our Woods Museum and new Visitor Center on Thursday afternoon, April 7th at 4:00. The Chamber of Commerce will join us for a ribbon cutting, and everyone is invited to enjoy permanent and temporary exhibits.
The Museum will include permanent displays on horticulture and trees in addition to the history of Rose Hill and the establishment of the Arboretum. A temporary exhibit of artwork inspired by Rose Hill and the gardens, Art in the Arboretum, which was created by GCSU students, will also be part of this re-opening. We are very grateful to Amanda Lundy, our GCSU Museum Studies intern, and her advisor, Carlos Herrara, for their work on this special display. Seasonal displays will be installed when the art 
Displays including hands-on samples for children and adults
display is concluded this summer.

The founder of Lockerly Arboretum, E.J. Grassmann, wanted to share his passion for horticulture and outdoor exploring by establishing the Arboretum and making it available to the public. The Woods Museum promotes Grassmann's vision with displays and information designed for visitors of all ages. It will serve as a starting point for field trips and classes offered through the Arboretum's Education Program.

Led by Trustee Kathy Chandler, the updates to the Woods Museum also include the addition of a Visitor Center. The Center will feature artwork and yard accessories created by volunteers and supporters of the Arboretum, as well as Lockerly shirts and hats.

Please join us on at 4:00 on the afternoon of Thursday, April 7th to see the newest addition to our facilities and programming.

Spring Plant Sale Details

It takes months of planning, potting, and watering, but April is finally here, which means our plant sale is just 20 days away! The backbone of our event is of course healthy and beautiful plants, shrubs, trees, herbs, and heirloom vegetables. We are also adding some new features that we think will make our event unique to
 Middle Georgia.
GCSU sttudents from the Grassmann Ceramics Studio will join us on Thursday
First-Ever Friends of Lockerly 
On Thursday afternoon, April 21st, we will have plants for sale to anyone who is a current Friend of Lockerly. If you received your membership renewal notice this month please don't delay sending it in, because we need it by Friday, April 15th. We'll begin selling plants at 1:00 that day, and be open until 6:30.

That afternoon, from 4:00-6:30, students in the Ceramics program at GCSU will join us and serve freshly brewed coffee and tea in cups inspired by the natural shapes and beauty of Lockerly and Rose Hill. We'll have light refreshments then, including a variety cold beverages.

Dirt Digger Rae Wade has been helpful with locating some yard art containers and displays for us to sell this year. We've also invited vendors to share their garden inspired wares and products during this year's sale. Dirt Digger Linda Poyner will be selling fun and eclectic yard accessories made with thrift store finds. On Saturday artist Sarah Mikkelson, Redthread Knits of Macon's new art organization, Ampersand Guild, will be in the gardens spinning yarn. If you love great bbq plan your trip for lunch on Saturday because Trey Owens will be here selling lunch plates. Check our web site for a complete list of vendors and their schedules.

Before the sale we'll post a list on our web site with the plants we'll have available, and we'll note where quantities are limited. A little rain can be great for keeping our
Gorgeous color coming to our Plant Sale this month
inventory looking fresh, but April weather can be fickle. That may prompt us to adjust our inventory if the forecast calls for bad weather during the sale. If there is something you "must" have, please come as soon as your schedule allows so you won't be disappointed.  No plants will be sold, or set aside, before our plant sale hours on any of these three days. We'll be open from 1:00-6:30 on April 21, 9:00-5:00 on April 22, and 9:00-3:00 on Saturday, April 23rd.

If you want to enjoy fresh coffee or tea with the Ceramics students at GCSU, and get a jump start on your weekend gardening by buying plants during our Friends of Lockerly members' sale, you can become a Friend, or renew,  here. If you have questions about your Friend of Lockerly status, please contact Vicki Folendore  by email at or call 478.452.2112.
Did Spring Break make you wonder how to keep your kids busy this summer?
If you want to put an end to, "I'm bored," or too much time in front of a screen, register your child or grandchild today for one of our summer camps! Not only will your child come home excited about things learned that day, they'll be inspired to explore outside for the rest of the summer.

Our camps are planned to build on school curriculum. They'll use microscopes, develop map reading skills, and get their hands dirty in our camp archaeology dig site. Camp Oliver Worley campers cool off in Rooty Creek while collecting water samples to look at species living in our area creeks and rivers.

Camp Oliver Worley at the Worley
Outdoor Education Center is planned for June 6-10 (rising 6th-9th grades), and June 13-17 (rising 3rd-5th grades). Camp runs from 8:00- 5:00 and pack in a full day of exploring and learning.

Camp Discovery campers begin their adventures at 8:30 and finish at noon each day. Camp Discovery is held in the Arboretum's Education Program classroom, and is scheduled for June 28-July 1 for rising 1st-2nd graders.

We'll send every camper a list of supplies to bring including sunscreen, hat, bug spray, etc. Camp Oliver Worley campers bring their lunch, and we provide
snacks during all of our camp sessions.

Register your child or grandchild for camp and put our camp dates on your calendar. If you prefer to pay with a check, you can register in person at our offce or email for a registration form.
We'll have more than plants at our Plant Sale this month!

Lockerly Arboretum has a special connection to the Ceramics Program at Georgia C
GCSU ceramics in production stage of work
ollege. Both the Arboretum and the Ceramics Studio are supported in part by the Grassmann Foundation. This year students from the Art Department will be participating in our Plant Sale for the first time.

Late in the afternoon on Thursday, April 21st during our Friends of Lockerly Sale, the students will join us and serve freshly brewed coffee and tea in pieces inspired by the natural beauty of our gardens (this is a generous gift to our members from the students, there will be no cost).

We'll also have a limited number of drink tumblers donated to Lockerly for sale that afternoon. They will be perfect for the drinks and light refreshments we will offer during our first-ever Friends of Lockerly sale that afternoon. Fill one with the cold lemonade, beer, soft drinks, or wine we'll offer our Members that afternoon. 

Six of the students from Georgia College are participating in the Fired Works Exhibit and Sale in Macon this spring. This is the first time students have been accepted into the event, but fortunately you won't have to go to Macon to meet them and see their Lockerly inspired pieces. 

We hope that in addition to offering a special day during the Plant Sale to our Members, you'll plan to enjoy some social time with other Lockerly supporters on April 21st from 4:00-6:30. If you aren't a member, or let your renewal notice get awy from you, join online today
April Garden Tips
Debbie Foster
Lockerly Horticulture Director 

Bird Feeders are a Year Round Treat
Bird feeders are a great way to supplement the natural foods growing in your backyard and stage bird activity for easy viewing. In winter, when natural food sources are scarce, backyard feeders are most appreciated. Migratory birds use feeders to refuel during the spring and fall. Birds nesting and raising young in the summer use feeders for a quick and easy food source. Backyard bird feeders are used by a wide variety of birds and bring year round enjoyment for gardeners and bird watchers.
Suet feeder
searching the favorite foods of the species you want to attract and the feeder styles they like best will improve the nutritional content of the food being provided. Black oil sunflower, safflower, white millet, and thistle seeds are all preferred types of birdseed. It's best to buy each seed type separately and in bulk. Seed mixes often contain empty seed hulls and undesirable seed types.

Tube feeders are good for black oil sunflower seeds, mixed seed and safflower seeds. The ports of a tube feeder are suited for smaller birds like wrens, chickadees, grosbeaks and titmice. Hooper or platform feeders are used for cracked corn, safflower and sunflower seeds. They attract all the same species that visit tube feeders, plus larger birds like cardinals and blue jays. Thistle seeds can be used in tube feeders or in mesh bags. Thistle feeders make seed available only to small-beaked finches, redpolls and pine siskins. All above ground feeders should be hung 5 foot off the ground and 3 foot from a window.

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