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Loneliness - Mystically Perceived
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From a king sitting in a palace to a head of a government, loneliness can be an ever-present state of consciousness. Like those who rule, loneliness is also present in the lives of those whom one might not suspect of feeling such loneliness: people who are married or in a significant relationship may also feel loneliness; those whose lives are surrounded by many people through family or social ties as well as business or career ties may also feel the presence of loneliness. Perhaps only those who consider themselves loners seem immune to loneliness --- yet even they will experience periods or cycles of loneliness.

It could certainly be said then that all situations that would seem to be barriers to loneliness are ineffectual to its presence --- be it power, fame, fortune, or other manners of worldly cures against feeling that one is isolated or disconnected from even those who would seem closest.

In today's modern world, the advancement of science increases for many the feeling of loneliness, as the vastness of both outer and inner space, viewed strictly from a physical perspective, diminishes the illusionary identity of personal ego existence. The enormity of outer space and the complexities of inner space, as postulated in recent times by quantum physics, fuel an even greater feeling of insecurity by the false, personal ego identity as it scrambles to find or secure its relationship to a world that is only perceived by the five senses.

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