JPAM Featured Article

"On Measuring and Reducing Selection Bias with a Quasi-Doubly Randomized Preference Trial"

By: Ted Joyce, Ph.D.; Dahlia K. Remler, Ph.D.; David A. Jaeger, Ph.D.; Onur Altindag, Ph.D.; Stephen D. O'Connell, Ph.D.; and Sean Crockett, Ph.D.

In this paper, the authors demonstrate how a randomized experiment can be leveraged to measure selection bias and preference effects by conducting a subsequent observational study that is identical in every way except that subjects choose their treatment—a quasi-Doubly Randomized Preference Trial (quasi-DRPT).  As part of our ongoing effort to promote JPAM authors to the APPAM membership and the public policy field at large, we have asked the author to answer a few questions. See the authors' interview responses here.