Grantee Spotlight
Helping Naugatuck Children Grow Up to be Healthy, Safe and Successful Learners
If you ask Jill Mahoney about her organization, the Naugatuck Partnership for Children, be prepared to listen for a while. That’s because working with dozens of partners and hundreds of individuals to ensure that Naugatuck’s children succeed in all facets of their growth and development involves a lot of work, connections, and talking.

“Success for us means that all Naugatuck children are healthy, safe and successful learners,” said Jill Mahoney, executive director. “It takes the entire community to make that true.” Read more
New Grants
Look What Your Generosity Has Made Possible in Greater Waterbury and the Litchfield Hills

In April, Connecticut Community Foundation awarded 51 new grants for a range of local projects, including ones that will provide: treatment for people struggling with addiction or intimate partner violence, mentoring for middle school and high school boys, diabetes prevention classes, anti-bullying training, theater performances, legal counsel, and much more. Check out the April grantees