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The Grandest Fish from Les Grands Viviers: Shipment Wows Mongers
We welcomed an absolutely beautiful shipment in from Les Grands Viviers, our wild caught Senegalese boutique line, with more coming this week. When we opened it, it was like discovering buried treasure (but with ridiculously good-looking fish inside). Have your pick of some of the most wonderful fish we've seen; and believe us, we've seen a lot of fish. Rouget, Strawberry Grouper, Sepia, Octopus, John Dory, Sea Bream, Pink and Striped Snappers, Scorpionfish, Jumbo Squid, and Parrotfish: all purely stunning. We've prepared the Strawberry Grouper whole before, however the fillets have a delicate white meat. And get this: it's been the largest size of this fish we've seen so far. The Sepia from Les Grands Viviers is about .55 lb and up on average and it's perfect grilled for a salad or in a pasta with ink! The Parrotfish is pretty and highly unique, and it would be good in a salt crust, or fried with jerk seasoning with a spicy mango pickle or pineapple relish (just sayin'). The Octopus from this shipment offers an excellent whole presentation and it's 100% fresh. That's right - never frozen. The Rouget is virtually perfect as well - great grilled, in a fish stew or a bouillabaisse sauce, really great with meat-based sauces, like a red wine rosemary demi. There are so many possibilities with this fish! We're so excited to offer this extraordinary seafood to our family of customers. 

Fresh Fish Update
Warmer temperatures have improved availability of fresh fish, for example, we just brought in red-gilled Black Sea Bass and Fluke off the New Jersey coast.  Looking for more?  Check out our Maine Monkfish, Chesapeake Bay Wild Striped Bass, Spanish Mackerel, Mahi and Grouper for other faves.  Due to windy weather off the Florida coast, American Red Snapper availability is limited this weekend and it's unsure how catch will be once the boats return.  Speak with your sales agent to stay updated on availability.  While conditions have improved over the past week, this weather impacts how often boats may go and stay out, which always determines wild fish availability.  This time of year also includes fishermen having to go further off the coast for catch such as fresh Squid and Porgies.  Watch for availability on these fish as well.  Now a homestay on many menus, Skate may be limited at times due to a quota decrease from 4,100 lbs per vessel to 500 lbs per vessel until May 1 st when quotas are reexamined.  

While Tuna prices are high all over due to poor weather in the Maldives and Philippines along with the upcoming Chinese New Year in mid-February, we just landed the nicest Bigeye and Yellowfin from Hawaii.  Speaking of one of Asia's biggest holidays, one of the biggest Lobster holidays occurs during the same period, Valentine's Day.  Speak with your rep about Lobsters as they'll be in high demand for both Lobster loving holidays.  

We Want Clams!
Perhaps the best news of weather getting better is the slowly improving supply of Clams.  While Clams are still limited this weekend, we expect more early in the week and hope for conditions to return to normal.  We're also happy to see more and more Oyster varieties available again for your menus and specials.

Skuna Bay Salmon Update
Ever move from one house to another and feel like you need a two-week vacation immediately after? Some time to rest and get settled into your new crib? We've been there, and so have Skuna Bay's Salmon. In order to ensure a happy and healthy Salmon is brought to your kitchen, Skuna Bay must keep their environment in tip top shape - this is the time of year when Skuna Bay moves their Salmon into new pens.  A big adjustment for the fish, the change therefore prolongs the time before harvest. This creates a decreased amount of large, market sized fish for a short period of time. Perfection takes time. We will have somewhat limited availability on their whole fish next week so please plan your menu accordingly. In other Skuna news, Gold River fillets will still be available as per usual, so you're still going to be able to get your hands on some absolutely stunning Salmon for your menu. We expect regular, increased availability in a few weeks, so hang tight!  

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