Sometimes advisors make the mistake of falling in love with a new firm without checking out critical details. The boring stuff. Don't make that mistake. In this column for  ThinkAdvisor , I share three key steps designed to help you figure out how to make the right choices for your happiness and success.

Meanwhile, in wirehouse land, here we go again. Three of the four major wirehouses have renounced sky-high recruiting packages. We've seen this story before and it always ends the same way. Read my OpEd column from On Wall Street to find out why these tantrums always burn themselves out.

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Mark Elzweig
Advisor deals: It's complicated

Competition remains keen for advisors among regional firms and independents. The market remains firm in 2017 -- and we are maintaining our outlook of three out of five suns. Warm but not hot. The wirehouse world is getting a little more complicated: Three of the four major firms are aiming almost exclusively for advisors with $1 million or more in assets. The fourth sees an opportunity and has turbo charged its deals. This is a time of flux for and deals are getting tweaked. Contact me for details.

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Thinking of Selling Your Practice?
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     Thinking of selling your practice? 
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