Electro-Mech Components is pleased to announce a summary of its newest products:
  • SW44995 attendant call switch, push-on/remain-in/push-off, for Mitsubishi Regional Jet PSU
  • SW44997 attendant call lens, Delta Airlines, custom button protrusion
  • SW44998 bi-color LED switch with pigtail wire harness
  • SW45005 potentiometer + switch, momentary
  • SW45006 attendant call lens, with Braille pattern
  • SW45008 pushbutton switch array, Series 600, for nuclear plant simulator panel

  • SW45009 potentiometer + switch, with side facing PC pins for direct PCB mounting

  • SW45021 pushbutton switch, Airbus A380, medical station panel

Electro-Mech's unique product offerings include:
  • Dual, Quad and multiple LED backlighting of full face legends and split legend lenses, both for redundancy, split legends, and maximum brightness
  • Combination potentiometer + switches for volume control in aircraft Audio Control Panels or dimmable lighting control.
Single Lamp LED Switches

Multi-Lamp LED Switches
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Built-In LED Switches

Please email us or call us at 877-442-7180 if you would like more information about our products, cross referencing capabilities, and outstanding customer service.

Series 600/800 Lighted Pushbutton Switch

  • Dual or Quad LED or Lamp Capability
  • Circuitry SPST to 6PDT
  • Momentary or Alternate Action
  • Front panel re-lampable
  • 7/8" sq. mounting hole
  • Split and Hidden legends

"Electro-mech has consistently provided high quality product and service for Avtech Corporation since 1978. They provide thorough engineering support, schedule flexibility and new design ideas that allow us to continue to grow and expand our business relationship today."

Jeff Hudson
Senior Buyer
Avtech-Tyee Corporation

Terry Trumbull

Electro-Mech Components, Inc.
(626) 442-7180 x12

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