September 2016               

PaneraTech Will Exhibit SmartMelter at Glasstec 2016 

Building on our successful trial s of SmartMelter over the past year, we are excited to introduce the SmartMelter solution at the glass industry's largest global trade fair, Glasstec 2016. This bi-annual conference, held in Düsseldorf, is the center of cutting-edge innovation and technology for glass manufacturers.

We know that this solution will change the way that glass man ufacturers maintain their furnaces, performing condition-based maintenance instead of scheduling unnecessary treatments that can harm furnace life. Visit our booth in hall 15 E31 to learn more.

SmartMelter to Monitor Furnace Bottom at a Float Line.

We have partnered with Cardinal Glass to monitor the health of the bottom of one of their float lines as it operates in its final months before a rebuild that is scheduled in January 2017. The company had a common concern that their furnace bottom thickness might be eroding. We used SmartMelter to map the thickness of the furnace bottom. Once the measurements were taken, they were validated by Cardinal Glass with traditional drilling techniques.

Cardinal Glass and PaneraTech Team

Today, we are assessing the wall conditions on a regular basis to ensure a safe shut down and rebuild of their furnace. Because they know the actual condition of refractory walls, they will not have to disrupt production unnecessarily before the scheduled rebuild date. Our partnership with Cardinal Glass is part of the SmartMelter Demonstration Program.

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