Answer your phone
and increase your bottom line!
To be truly successful in any service business,
a quick response time to inquiries is critical!

We can attribute a large part of our success to something very simple.
We answer our phones.
Because we know that every time our phone rings,
it’s potential revenue.

"Time is money."
Real estate transactions are time-sensitive
and clients need a timely response.
If you don't answer your phone,
chances are you've just lost that
customer to someone else.

We are told regularly that we got the job
not just because we came highly recommended,
but because we answered our phones.

Consider these statistics from The Survey Shop:
* 80% of callers will not call back if they can't speak to someone when they call.
* 80% say they prefer to hang up rather than leave a message.
* 98% of callers say poor telephone handling gives a bad impression.
* 69% will never call back.

If you can't answer your phone immediately,
be sure to return the call as soon as possible.
Or consider hiring an individual or service.
If you choose to outsource, train the person exactly what to say and make sure that
he or she is consistently polite and clear with callers
and knowledgeable about your business.
After all, they are representing you and you only have
one shot at making a first impression.

Answer your phone and respond promptly to inquiries.
Apply these consistently for a positive impact on your bottom line!