We will celebrate the Lord's Supper this Sunday!
Service of Thanksgiving September 27
Prepare Your Heart
As we anticipate celebrating the Lord's Supper this weekend, we encourage you to prepare your heart by talking to God and seeking His grace and forgiveness. Then come hungry for spiritual nourishment as we remember the work He accomplished through the death and resurrection of our Savior!
September 27 - Service of Thanksgiving!
During our regular 10 AM service on September 27 we will have a time of remembering all that God has done for us in the past 60 years of Lake Worth Christian Reformed Church and we will anticipate his work in the future as Sunlight Community Church.  Mark your calendars!

Xtreme Living!
As we wrap up the series this weekend on Xtreme Living, check out the Volunteer Matrix and consider where you might serve.
Pray for safety as Hurricane Erika heads our way!
We will be studying the prophet Elijah beginning in September.  You can prepare by reading the books of Kings.
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