Improvements for 2014
Everyone is invited!
Phone Call Discussion for All Customers
Wednesday night 7-8pm (tomorrow!)
Call in by Phone 800.204.6655 Access Code:3216067# 

Supply Ordering goes 24/7

Now you can order supplies online or phone anytime

Now you don't need to wait until our office is open just to order supplies. We now have 2 easy ways to check eligibility and order what you need.
Over the next few weeks, we are implementing a new supply ordering system that we hope you're going to love. Shortly, we will send you an email inviting you to register for your Patient Portal. From your portal, you will be able to order exactly what you want, and see when you're eligible for your supplies. Please keep an eye out for this email. It will make ordering supplies and answering compliance questions much faster and more convenient.
By Phone
The phone resupply ordering system is up and running! If you call this number and verify your identity, we'll tell you which supplies your insurance will pay for, and you can order what you need. Try it!


Call this number and order the supplies you need that are covered by your insurance company.
Yes, it is an automated system, and yes she does sound a little robotic. But she's very nice, and you'll get used to her efficient way of helping you quickly through the call.



Insurance Fact- Rentals
Please remember that most PAP devices are now rented for you by your insurance company. 

Rather than purchasing your new CPAP outright, most insurance plans now rent them for you for some period of time (3,10, or 13 months for example). If you meet their "adherence" requirements, the rental continues and at some point is paid and purchased. 

You may have a rental charge each month. Rental programs are driven by the insurance company and not National Sleep Therapy. If you have questions, please call us.

Entering Medicare?
This may apply to you!    
While there are many new topics about Medicare for which you should be aware, we will focus on one at a time.

Are you entering Medicare this year?

Make sure you see your doctor. Here's why...

If you're going to be a new Medicare subscriber this year, there are certain obligations you have to ensure Medicare coverage of your sleep therapy needs. 
In order for Medicare to provide "DME" benefits, you must see your doctor before Medicare will cover your CPAP device or your supplies
If your CPAP was not yet completely paid for by your previous insurance provider, Medicare may continue coverage of the device provided that:
  1. The sleep test and results meets Medicare guidelines
  2. You continue to use and benefit from the device (per your doctors notes)
If you meet these requirements, a 90-day trial is not necessary. 

Click here to see the actual Medicare policy on this topic. Look for "Beneficiaries Entering Medicare". 

If you have any questions about what you need to do when you enter Medicare, please call us or better yet, call Medicare directly and they can give you specific information about your plan. The Medicare number can be found on the back of your member card, or call:

1.800.MEDICARE (633.4227)

Opting out. What you should know...
As you know, if you don't want to receive these newsletters you can "opt-out" at the bottom of this email using "SafeUnsubscribe". If you do so however, you will not receive much of the information we send to customers. This includes new mask announcements, insurance updates, and other information we believe you will find useful. We never give your email address to anyone, so you won't get emails from anyone else. We won't send you junk. It's all good stuff. We promise. So feel free to opt-out, but you will be missing out on some great information and opportunities to better improve your therapy and your health. We do our best to be respectful of how often we email you and try to do so only when we have something important to say. If you have any feedback, please feel free to share it with me directly by clicking on my name. I'd love to hear it.
Eric Cohen, President and co-founder

Full Face Mask Users Look Here
Gecko pads work well to prevent sores and marks.
Gecko CPAP Pad

Our patients rave about these so much, we're excited to keep spreading the news about how great these little pads are.

If there is one new thing you try this year- this is it!!

Click this button if you would like to try these great pads. 
(See details at sign-up)

Anyone that has a full face mask should try these soft nose protectors. Our Respiratory Therapists highly recommend them to prevent soreness, help the mask seal better, and prevent marks. Insurance will pay for them so there's no excuse not to try them. They're super comfortable and easy to use.

Highly recommended!

Call or click above if you want to add them to your next order. These pads require a prescription and we will contact your doctor directly to get what we need!

You're going to love them!
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If you haven't yet seen this video, you should watch it. Many sleep doctors from around the country have told us its one of the best they've ever seen. "It's a must see!" Learn how CPAP therapy helps your overall health.
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