Dear Families,

We are excited to welcome you to our public lottery at Intellectual Virtues Academy, A Long Beach Public High School on Thursday, February 8 at 6:30 p.m.

As a reminder, you do not need to be present to obtain a spot.

This letter will provide some information about our public lottery and its procedures. Our desire is to be informative and transparent about this process. Please feel free to direct any further questions to our office staff prior to the lottery event. Contact  or call 562-283-4456.
Please note that there is no further action required; this email is for information purposes only. Also please note that for those who choose to attend, Academy spiritwear t-shirts will be available for purchase.
About the Lottery
  • Every student whose application was received by the February 3 deadline will be entered into the lottery (please note that if your child is a sibling of a student currently enrolled at the Academy, your child is exempt from the lottery and will automatically have a spot for next year)
  • The following students will be exempt from the lottery: currently enrolled students, siblings of currently enrolled Academy students, children of staff
  • Applicants will be assigned numbers written on tokens. You will receive your numbers at the lottery event. If you are not in attendance, you will be emailed your number(s)
  • Families with multiple siblings applying to the same grade level will enter as a family unit. If a family unit is drawn during the regular admission, all siblings will win the next available spot
  • Tokens will be entered into a ticket drum
  • Each token will be drawn
  • Token numbers will be recorded by three people and will be posted live as they are drawn
  • When the available grade level spots are filled, the lottery will continue to form the order of the wait-list
  • Please ask clarifying questions prior to February 5 in order to leave sufficient time for the lottery drawing
  • Applicants who applied/apply after the February 3 deadline will be added to the wait-list after all lottery participants
Lottery Preferences
Academy's charter states the following lottery preferences:
  • Applicants who reside within the Roosevelt Elementary School attendance area in which the Academy is physically located will be given 3 tokens
  • Applicants who lives within the Long Beach Unified School District attendance area will be given 2 tokens
  • Applicants who reside outside of the LBUSD attendance area will receive 1 token
Notification of Results
  • All applicants will be notified of results via email within ten days, or by February 16.
  • The results of the lottery will be posted on the school website. The results list will be posted in numbers, not names. You may learn your student's number in one of three ways: 1. at the lottery event, 2. via email notification after the lottery or, 3. by calling/visiting the Academy office
  • Please be sure that the Academy has your correct, updated email and phone number
How to Accept Your Spot & Register
  • To accept a spot, applicants must return registration materials by March 5
  • Registration materials will be made available only to admitted students
  • Registration is an online process. Support is available.
  • If registration materials are not received by March 5, you will forfeit your spot and the next person on the wait-list will be offered a spot
Wait-List Procedures
  • After the Lottery, wait-list spots open by forfeit or decline. The next family on the wait-list will be contacted by phone and email, and the Academy website will be updated.
  • March through August: Open spot has 2 business days for verbal acceptance, 10 days for registration
  • School Year: Open spot has 1 business day for verbal acceptance and registration must be complete before admission.

Connecting to the Academy
We invite all applicants, regular admission and wait-listed, to attend Academy community events. For up-to-date information on Academy happenings, visit the website , or follow AcademyLBHS on Facebook or Instagram .

For Your Consideration
We are aware that a lottery event can evoke a range of emotions in participants. As such, we ask that all in attendance do their best to give a neutral response to a number called. We know it's tempting to celebrate or sigh, but out of respect for others, we ask for your cooperation in maintaining a respectful and calm environment. We will provide paper and markers so that you may express your emotions in writing or drawing! Thank you for your consideration.

All the best,

ACADEMY Administrative Team
James McGrath, Founding Director
Armine Movsisyan, Director of Instruction
Summer Sanders, Director of Student Services
Crystal Day, Outreach Coordinator 
HAVING DIFFICULTY? If you are experiencing any difficulty reading this newsletter or accessing the online application, please send an email to Crystal Day, Outreach Coordinator at  or by phone at 562.283.4456.
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