Hello, AERO community! 

First, this is a reminder that the current registration rate ends on May 30th and will go up to $300 for regular registration and $250 for low income. That is also when the balance is due for those who have held their rates with a deposit

If you have a group or need any secial consideration you should contact the AERO office in the next three days as we will be leaving for Europe and the IDEC this week. We'll still have e mail communication but it will be more difficult.

We're pleased to announce that we have received a donation for a registration for a low income participant to come to the AERO conferences. So we are having a lottery this week to select someone to go. To participate simply write to Jerryaero@aol.com and put in a paragraph about why you want to go and your financial need. 

In case you missed it in last week's issue, here is a link to a list of colleges, schools and programs coming to the AERO conference. If you have not registered yet, please remember to put in your school or organization for us to add to the list. 

Here is a link to the schedule and workshops. And here is a link to the mini talks planned so far for Thursday. Stay tuned for a complete list of school visits and trips planned for August 3rd. 

Here'a link to the Facebook Event Page

Please  register now  before the rate goes up. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Jerry Mintz
Alternative Education Resource Organization