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3 YEAR anniversary 

3 years ago LovMely was founded by Melissa Miles to give people an easy affordable way to accessorize their hair and outfits. We are celebrating this amazing milestone the best way we know how - with a 3 DAY SALE!


SAVE 40% OFF the regular price from:

3 reasons why you should shop the Anniversary sale


1. 40% OFF the regular price

2. free gift with every order

3. free shipping with orders over $75.00


    Enter the coupon code SALE40 at checkout for 40% off!

The coupon code is good through 10/7/2011- 10/9/2011 and can not be combined with other coupons or discounts.  http:/www.lovmely.ETSY.com


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Remember LovMely Accessories when you are searching for a unique and fun accessory. Express your awesome personality with a handmade headband!  Don't wear a headband? request A CLIP.

See something you like but it doesn't go with your color scheme? Have an idea that you would like to see? No problem! I gladly accept custom orders. Let's have fun!
Look for some more fabulous & affordable pieces coming soon.
Melissa Miles
LovMely Accessories 
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