"Engage yourselves in service activity. Consider social service as service to God. This is the best way to earn God's Love. Love all and serve all. Your entire life will be sanctified thereby", says Bhagawan. And only selfless service can help us progress on the path towards our final destination. Every opportunity to serve will indeed benefit others, but importantly it aids in our transformation too.

We are like fledglings on this path of service, but we have God Himself guiding us. His compassion has no bounds! This is Swami's message for all the Sai youth across all countries, "Look around and see what is the basic need in your country and and cater to that basic need for the poor and the needy. You cannot take one country's work and simply apply to another country. But there are basic needs like food, health, education and water. Going to the poor and the needy, meeting and helping them will make you humble. It will remind you that God has given you so much. You don't have any health or financial problem. You are not born in such areas to such parents, you are already fortunate! Service activities must make you humble.

Youth always tend to compare themselves with others. Don't feel bad that you don't have this or that in life. You all compare so much, and spoil your minds! Don't compare with those who are worldly, but rather compare yourself with those who have nothing in this world, and feel happy that God has taken care about all these things for you! Always be humble and grateful to God. That's why service to the poor and needy is important. 

Youth have to get together and think what can be done in a nearby area. If you take projects 400 or 500 kms away, no body will go. One day you will go out of the excitement and enthusiasm, but eventually you get tired and will not go from the next time onwards. This will give a bad impression to the people. So it is better to take a project which is at a distance of maximum 30-40 kms, and minimum 5-10kms, depending on where they stay, so you can go in the morning, do the Seva and come back in the evening, or at the most stay one day. Based on the need identified, service projects must be taken at an area where you should be able to reach within one hour. If the Government is taking care, then it's fine. Otherwise, you have to go and take care of the need.

Seva must be done in a consistent manner. One day if you get breakfast and the next day you don't, will you be happy? Every day we live on earth, we want our breakfast. When the sun rises, we need our food. So, plan properly to ensure you are consistent in your Seva. Going for a day, and skipping the next two days is not appropriate. Do not engage in a Seva activity, for the sake of printing in the newsletter every week. Seva should be for your own benefit."

We are all very blessed to receive such wonderful instructions from the Lord Himself. Urging all the youth to assess the need in your respective countries, and have a planned approach to the Seva activities on a consistent basis. Bhagawan has also commanded that every country should highlight three aspects while sending in their Seva updates, as part of a self introspection process:

- What did you learn from going and serving?
- What touched your heart? 
- How did you become better after the service activity?

Swami has always reminded us that 'Service is Love made manifest'. Let us continue to tread in His footsteps of Selfless Love and Selfless Service.

Yours in Sai Service
Bhuvana Santhanam

'Sai Alone is Our Refuge'
Cooking for refugees and the homeless 

Over the last two years, there has been a worsening of the refugee crisis in Europe, as vast numbers of people fleeing conflict arrived in Greece. Coupled with increasing homelessness, the nation struggled with the challenge of meeting such a huge need.

Compelled to do their part, the Greek Youth have joined in efforts to feed and provide essentials to all our brothers and sisters in need - regardless of ethnicity, status or religion.

Since 2014, youth in Greece have been spreading love through feeding and providing basic necessities to those souls fleeing conflict or left homeless.

The Seva began at the port of Piraeus and continues now in Athens following relocation of refugees, Now the number of those served is immense - sometimes over 1000 people on a single occasion. 

Over 600 blankets along with warm clothes and items for children have been distributed.

The youth perceived their own transformation through service, observing that in‘taking care of the needy, we were in essence taking care of our Self.

Truly, God was serving, and God was being served.’ 
'All are One' 
Italy Youth Meet, 11th – 12th JUNE 2016, Moena -Dolomites 
High in the beautiful Italian Alps, the first Italian Youth Meet was held to share knowledge, experiences and inspirational stories amongst our Sai Youth. Through talks and workshops from youth and elders alike, youth were guided on how to undertake service. 
'Dharmic Clowns'

Amongst music and dance offerings were talks and activities inspiring service. This included talks and workshops with the the 'Dharmic Clowns’ who go into schools and hospitals to bring a smile to the faces of those who are in suffering.

Another notable speaker was Brother Girolamo Grammatico from Rome who works with the Community Emmaus and helps people suffering from poverty and a lack of housing.  

Sharing experiences and knowledge in this way inspires us to increase our efforts in serving our brothers and sisters.

      Elderly Seva
During Swami’s Divine visit to the UK in August 2015 at the Youth Satsang, He declared that the Seva the youth should undertake would be elderly Seva.
The Divine Lord then further explained His choice to us His children in an interview during His Visit in April 2016.   In the United Kingdom, British youth are working to end loneliness for older adults, sharing Bhagawan’s love with those in residential care and without adequate housing through the ‘Blanket Revolution’. 

Ending Loneliness
Since Easter Sunday 2016, British Youth have been regularly visiting a residential care home in Lewisham, provide love and company to the older residents in care.

Through activities aimed at improving their well-being, particularly for those suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease (e.g.reminiscence therapy), the youth have formed strong bonds with over 25 older people.
The Blanket Revolution
When the youth became aware that many elders in care reuse old blankets when they move into care homes, we became inspired to provide blankets for those in care.

With Swami's grace we launched the Blanket Revolution in Muddenahalli on November 2016, with the aim of distributing blankets and hats to older people and those sleeping rough on the streets.

Since over 23 handmade blankets and hats have been distributed, with more homes and shelters welcoming blanket offerings.
Reflections of Seva:
With My Sai & I
Our greatest inspirations are older people who have helped us grow our 'Ending Loneliness' service. 
Divine Love at Christmas 
This Christmas we shared Divine Love through specially selected gifts for our wider family in residential care. All our elders at the care home in Lewisham received tokens of Love from the Sai Prema Youth and we came to understand the words of St Francis of Assisi:

“For it is in giving that we Receive.”