Harry Love
17" x 12.5"
' "He was one of the leaders in the arts community," said Mayor John Rhodes. "He was one of the people instrumental in pushing for the performing arts center.  That was a dream of his. He will be missed. There's no question about it." '
- The Sun News, December 28, 2013, Page 9A
Harry Love
Myrtle Beach, SC
1921 - 2013

Born in 1921 in Binghamton, NY, Myrtle Beach's 2003 Volunteer of the Year, Harry Love was a beloved local painter and philanthropist. 

After years of spare-time painting in oils and acrylics during a career with Bell Telephone System, and later as a counsel to the New York State Senate Child Care Committee, Love moved to Myrtle Beach in 1986 and began using watercolor as his favored medium.  What had been a serious hobby evolved into a serious profession.  Proof of his success can be found by various awards he won in competitions in both North and South Carolina, as well as by two magazine covers which featured his work. 

Whether evoking a mood of quiet tranquility in some of his paintings, or radiating an engaging  joie de vivre in others, dark values contrast with pale ones in melodious rhythm in this artist's work.  His subtle palette plays harmonious warm browns, ocres, and siennas against cool blues and patches of subtle cool hues.  Perhaps, however, it is his well-honed sense of composition that constitutes a more important aspect of his work. 

Employing a realistic style, Love chose diverse subjects which ranged from scenes of Charleston and Myrtle Beach to people and animals he found artistically interesting.  

In December of 2013, Harry Love passed away at age 92.