Love, Warmth & Kindness.

Giving Warmth this holiday 
Warm up someone's heart with these easy ways...
                                             at home, at work and everyday!
♥ Each day, give someone you know or don't know a compliment. "Job
    well done",
"Nice shoes",  "I love your smile" are small sentences that
    can affect people in big ways :-) 
  Wake up each morning and say " Good Morning Life -I am ready for
     some goodness!" 
Hug your pets and send good vibes to animals that cross your way
    each day. 
♥ Take time each day to be close to nature, take a walk, hug a tree, get
    some sunshine and thank mother earth for her gifts. Our connection to
    the natural world is important for our and the earth's well being.

♥ Call a friend out of the blue and check in on them. Offer your
    friendship and support and share some time together.

♥ Write a note to a family member you haven't seen in a long time
    and remind them how important they are in your life.

♥ Write "love notes" to members of your family and leave them around
    the house for them to find.

♥ Find items no longer useful to you and pass them on. One person's
   discards can be another person's treasure. Donate items to your local

♥ Create a family holiday meal with the entire family. Share recipes,
   try something new and experiment together. Everyone can pitch in
   whether you cook, set the table or help clean up. Spend time together
   and lighten the load at the same time.

Donate your time and goods to a local shelter, family in need, elder
   person that could use a hand this holiday season.

Give thanks for the meal, for family time, for friends, for everything
   that is present in your life.
And most of all remember to be grateful for Who You Are, for your
   body, your smile, your talents and your amazing spirit!

I am grateful for your presence in my life. 
I wish you, your family and loved ones a very
Happy Thanksgiving!

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