Looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift for your loved one?  For $25 you can adopt a Blank Park Zoo bird in honor of your "lovebird." Your tax-deductible contribution will go towards the feeding and care of your bird as well as other Blank Park Zoo animals. The recipient will receive a personalized Valentine's Day Card with information about the adopted bird.

Four bird species are available for adoption.
Choose the bird most like your loved one!
Orders must be placed on or before February 10 in order to be received by mail before February 14. After February 10, orders must be coordinated for pick up at Blank Park Zoo. Please email with questions.


Grey Crowned Crane
"A Dancing Breed"
Does your loved one like to "cut a rug?"  Then the Grey Crowned Crane is the perfect bird for him or her!

Dancing is an integral part of courtship for the Grey Crowned Crane. Their breeding display involves dancing, bowing and jumping. They also display a booming call and a honking sound. If your loved one is a dancing breed, CLICK HERE to adopt this bird today.
Scarlet Macaw
"A Mate for life"
Whether you just found "the one" or you are celebrating your 50th anniversary, show your commitment by adopting the Scarlet Macaw for your better half. 

Scarlet Macaws are monogamous, meaning they mate for life. They are known for their devotion to one other bird. As popular pets, Scarlet Macaws are even known to form this strong bond with humans. If your loved one is your mate for life, CLICK HERE to adopt this bird today. 

Mauritius Pink Pigeon 
"A bird of a different color"
Is your loved one a little "out of the box?" Then the Pink Pigeon is the perfect bird for him or her!
Unlike the common gray pigeon - the Pink Pigeon boosts a unique color and is extremely rare. As the name suggests, it has a pink body, along with pink legs, feet and beak. In the wild, these birds can only be found in the Mascarene islands located within the country of Mauritius. If your loved one is a bird of a different color, CLICK HERE to adopt this bird today.
Trumpeter Swan
"The Classic Beauty"
Do you think your loved one is beautiful inside & out?  Then tell her or him so with the adoption of this classical beautiful bird.
For years, swans have symbolized grace, beauty, and of course, love. Swans have been part of folklore and stories for thousands of years and across many cultures - most notably the story of the Ugly Duckling growing up to become a beautiful swan.  If you think your loved one is a classic beauty, CLICK HERE to adopt this bird today.