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Loving Yourself 
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February 14, 2013



"You must love yourself before you love another.
By accepting yourself and fully being what you are,
your simple presence can make others happy.     
You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."


Happy Valentine's Day!   cupid


This is the delightful holiday of mushy cards, heart-shaped boxes of rich chocolates, romantic candle-lit dinners and other sweet expressions of affection. It's also an opportunity to redefine love.


There's love for a significant other, family and friends. And then there's self love. 


What I've observed is the most successful and happy people (note that these two traits are not necessarily  mutually inclusive) are those who truly love and value themselves. 


If the daily demands of your hectic schedule have put you last on your list, here are a few ways to show yourself some love:


  • Just Say No.
    Are you over-committed and resenting it? Make a list of all the professional and personal committees and associations you are involved with and resign from those that are nonessential. Refrain from accepting new assignments not related to your work responsibilities until you assess it further. Get in the habit of saying, "Let me think about it" instead of an automatic "Yes." And remember, "No" is a complete sentence.  If you don't value your precious time, no one else will. 
  • Speak Kindly to Yourself. When you are challenged by a technological problem or difficult client, play the role of your best friend, coach or cheerleader. For example, when you hear yourself saying, "I'll never figure this out," flip it around and simply say, "I can do it!" I find that reminding myself that "I'm a student of technology" gives me the patience and permission to make mistakes and learn and eventually master new skills.
  • Practice Extreme Self Care. What helps you reduce stress and feel better? Block time out on your schedule for exercise, meditation and coffee with a supportive friend. Don't put off your annual check-ups. Invest in professionals to help you be your best--from a nutritionist to a personal trainer. After all, you know you deserve it!


What is one way you can love yourself this Valentine's Day and from now on? Let me know on my Facebook Page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you!


To Your Wisdom, 



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Introducing...Wisdom on Demand!

Working with Wisdom Reflective Sign One of my goals for 2013 is to create a series of on-
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One participant commented, "Great takeaways, especially the gratitude journal. I plan on implementing that into my nightly routine with the first entry being grateful for taking the time out of my busy day to absorb reinvigorating fruits you provided." 
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Hire a Speaker Who Inspires Success!
Tricia Molloy
Tricia Molloy is a motivational speaker on change management and leadership through wise business practices.

Her Working with Wisdom programs, "CRAVE Your Goals!" and "DESIGN Your Ideal Life!," inspire people to be more positive, proactive and productive so they can achieve their priority goals faster and easier.
They are available as employee development talks, workshops and webinars, and conference keynotes. Join organizations like Kimberly-Clark, IBM, The Home Depot and the Project Management Institute and benefit from these innovative programs.   
Tricia also offers one-on-one Wisdom Mentoring for women entrepreneurs and professionals.


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