Cross State Shoot Out
Greenville Country Club - Riverside Course
August 26 & 27
  Another perfect golf day at Greenville Country Club - Riverside Course.  A steady breeze and mild temperature of around 75 degrees to get the day started.  Competition was in the air and who knew so many birdies were going to be flying around.  

The lead match for the day started at 8:30am with Midland's Cecilia Fournil and Mandy Pierce paired against Up State's Stephanie Johnson and Angie Stec.  Fournil birdied the 3rd hole to go 1 up on the front nine.  Both teams hit a streak of consistency pushing the next 9 holes until hole 13 which was won with a par by Stephanie Johnson.  The Up State proceeded to have back to back birdies on holes 15 and 16 to take the back nine, 2 up and win total.  (Midlands 1, Up State 2)

Match 2 was battle of the putter between Up State's Pam Prescott and Chrissie Spidell vs. Midlands' Cathy Hill and Hope Giordano.  Between the 4 players there were 9 birdies in the group.  Prescott had 3 on the front nine alone, but wasn't good enough to secure a point against Giordano's 5 birdies on the day.  Midlands' Hill chipped in for birdie from short of the green on hole 17 to seal the match.  (Midlands 3, Up State 0)

The Low Country squared off with the Midlands in the next match with Julie Flynn/Stacy Tomlinson vs Natalie Huff/Suzann Bartley, respectively.  Flynn came out of the gate with a birdie on the first hole to take her team 1 up.  After a few holes, Huff/Bartley fought back and a took a couple of holes to win the front nine point for the Midlands.  Starting off the back nine Low Country's Tomlinson drained a 40 foot putt for birdied to change the momentum and they never gave it back; winning the back and total for the Low Country.  (Midlands 1, Low Country 2)

Match 4 was Up State's Debe Schwelder/Donette Godwin vs. Low Country's Jayne Pardus/ Melanie Manis.  Pardus and Manis were a paring machine!  Shooting even par on the front nine with 7 pars, 1 birdie and 1 bogey to win the front 2 up.  Schwelder and Godwin tried their best to break through throwing 3 birdies at the Low Country, but  still wasn't enough to secure a point.  The Low Country swept this one taking all; front, back, and total. 
 (Low Country 3, Midlands 0)

The 9:10am group was Midlands' players Barbara Ryan and Melissa Meetze vs Low Country's Terri Allemang and Sara Youngner.  Ryan/Meetze were having one of those days, were nothing was going right.  Good shots and bad bounces, good putts burning the edges.  Needless to say, the Low Country's team Allemang/Youngner did their job.  Fairway, green, 2  putt par, kept it straight and simple, and added a couple of birdies to the mix. Youngner stuck an iron shot to 6 inches on the 16th hole to win the match.  Ryan/Meetze gave her the putt and Youngner literally kicked it in! (Midlands 0, Low Country 3)

The final match of the day was Low Country's Lea Anne Brown/Rachel Wyatt vs. Up State's Emily Rapp/Vanessa Koechli.  Rapp/Koechli fired off 3 birdies on the front side vs. Brown/Wyatt's one to take the front nine point 3 up.  The tables turned on the back with the dou of Brown/Wyatt carding 3 birdies to take the back side point and play for the total point interesting.  All square on total going into hole 17, Rapp hits a bunker shot to 15' for par, while Brown stuck her tee shot to 10 feet for birdie. Rapp nails the putt to save par; Brown just misses her birdie causing the match to extend to the 18th hole.  Rapp hit a great approach shot, from under a tree, to the back right pin leaving the Up State team a 12' birdie putt for a chance to win the last point.  Tracking dead on line, at the last minute loosing momentum the ball missed on the low side.  Brown had a 5 foot putt for par to split the point and drained it.  (Low Country 1 1/2, Up State 1 1/2)

An exciting day and some great golf.  All players combined, 30 birdies were made throughout the day.  What a fun weekend of getting to know players throughout the state.  In the words of Arnold Palmer," I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me.  I never quit trying: I never felt that I didn't have a chance to win."  Congratulations to all the players for fighting hard and representing....until next year.  
2017 Cross State Shoot Out Champions

Low Country Team

Sara Youngner
Jayne Pardus
Rachel Wyatt
Lea Anne Brown
Captain Victoria Tsurutis
Stacy Tomlinson
Melanie Manis
Terri Allemang
Julie Flynn

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