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That one study found physical therapy helped 92% of patients with

low back pain. 

-Spine 2008

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At McDonald Physical Therapy, the average recovery occurs within 9 visits, as opposed to 12-16 visits for other physical therapy practices!

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There are times in our lives when the easy road isn't necessarily the best road. For example, when it comes to your health, there are factors that give each one of us pause, such as the distance we may need to travel to get the best possible healthcare or the costs, (many times co-pays). However, in the end, each one of us must weigh all the factors carefully, as the best results and care are the ultimate goal.


Approximately 6 months ago, I received a call from a gentleman who had had 4 rotator cuff repairs in a period of 13 months. He had not come to MPT; originally, as he had been told that MPT might be a bit too aggressive and had decided to go to the physical therapy provider recommended by his orthopedist. He was calling for direction. He had been given my name as someone he could trust. I heard his remarkable story and immediately referred him to an exceptional orthopedic surgeon.  


Following his fifth rotator cuff surgery in 13 months,
the last one being with the new surgeon, he decided to come to us for his physical therapy. We were out of his network, a little further from his home, but he had been to the same physical therapy in his network for the last four surgeries. His shoulder repair had re-torn during his past therapy... four different times! He decided he was worth the cost of a higher deductible
(as we were $30 dollars a visit instead of his previous $15 dollar a visit co-pay) as well as worth a little bit longer drive.

He is presently back to work and playing in his band, without much difficulty. He is thankful to have had,
what he thinks, was a more experienced and sensitive approach to his physical therapy, and found there was a big difference in the care that he had received in his previous four experiences.
In reflecting, he thinks he was short sighted and wishes that he had called MPT much sooner, at least, after the first re-tear. He realized he would have saved money, days of unnecessary pain, as well as his valuable time.


In the end, he realized that his ultimate goal, his health, was more important than any other factors, and he found that he achieved that goal at McDonald Physical Therapy, the most experienced independent physical therapy clinic in the Michiana area.
Enjoy, :-)
Fran McDonald, PT, DPT



Experiencing low back pain?


If  you have ever experienced low back pain, you are certainly not alone.  According to the 2012 American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Low Back Pain Survey, 61% of Americans said they have experienced low back pain, and of those, 69% felt it has affected their daily lives.


For some people, back pain can return or hang on, leading to a decrease in quality of life or even to disability. The good news is that most cases of low back pain are not serious and will respond well to conservative, proven treatments such as physical therapy.


How a Physical Therapist Can Help


Low back pain doesn't have to affect your daily life. In fact, people who see a physical therapist for their low back pain are less likely to miss out on the things they need to do in life. A physical therapist's goal is to help you reduce or control pain and return you to normal activity.  
After speaking with you and conducting an initial examination, your physical therapist will identify the factors that have contributed to your specific back problem and design an individualized treatment plan, which may include: 
  • Manual therapy, including spinal manipulation, to improve the mobility of joints and soft tissues 
  • Specific strengthening and flexibility exercises 
  • Motor control exercise- these exercises focus on regaining control and strengthening of the trunk muscles, which support and control the spine
  • Education about how you can take better care of your back 
  • Training for proper lifting, bending, and sitting, performing tasks both at work and in the home, and proper sleeping positions
  • Assistance in creating a safe and effective physical activity program to improve your overall health
Can this Injury or Condition be Prevented?  

As experts in restoring and improving mobility and movement in people's lives, physical therapists play an important role not only in treating persistent or recurrent low back pain, but also in preventing it and reducing your risk of having it come back


Physical therapists can teach you how to use the following strategies to prevent back pain:   

  • Participate in regular strengthening and stretching exercises to keep your back, stomach, and leg muscles strong and flexible
  • Keep your body in alignment, so that it can be more efficient when you move
  • Keep good posture - don't slouch!
  • Use good body positioning at work, home, or during leisure activities.
  • During lifting, keep the load close to your body 
  • Ask for help before lifting heavy objects
  • Use an assistive device, such as a dolly or wheelbarrow, to transport heavy objects
  • Maintaining a regular physical fitness regimen-staying active can help to prevent injuries
                                      -APTA Move Forward 2013