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Check out our low gloss, translucent black, over 200 RALs and the special effects you can add to them, and brand new updates from IFS. Read on....
Low gloss, translucent black
High quality, translucent powder coatings is one of the many beautiful effects that IFS is known  
We have now developed a new color and gloss level to really take this to a new level. Check out the low gloss, black translucent powder, PRSM 96808 which is really taking powder coaters by storm.

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IFS Coatings now on n
IFS Coatings is now listed on - the premier way for architects and designers to find the products that they need.
Let us help you with coatings for architectural and design projects.

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Summer Lovin' from IFS.

Look forward to that late summer vacation or revisit fond memories of your break with these warm summer colors that capture sun, sea, lush green mountains, heat filled sunsets and ice cream. Check out this summer magic!
Sunshine yellow SRSS50732 RAL 1003
Sky blue PLSF20009 RAL 5012
Lush green PLSF30268 RAL 6016
Ice cream colors: Light pink RAL 3015 PLSF60294, Almond PLSF40010 RAL 1013, Mint green RAL 6019 PLSF20246,
Warm, glowing sunset: RAL 2009 PLSF60124, RAL 4008 PLSF60282
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IFS wins award  
IFS recently won the "Excellent Supplier and Appreciation Award" from Seljan Company in Wisconsin, which is awarded to customers who have provided Seljan with consistently on time deliveries, excellent communication and outstanding services.
Thank you!

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Have you ordered RALs from IFS yet?
As well as over 200 RAL colors in many product types, including Polyester and Super
Durable, you can also add any of the below effects to any RAL color. Simple.
Choose from these awesome effects:
Silver sparkle
Silver vein
Mini texture
River texture
Sparkle metallic
Add Out Gas Forgiving (OGF) properties
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Relay for Life - thanks to Quality Powder Coatings
IFS Coatings loves working with quality powder coaters, and Quality Powder Coatings in
Carrolton, Texas did a fantastic job of contributing to the IFS Coatings Relay for Life Cancer coating the IFS Relay for Life ribbon.
 IFS has raised thousands of Dollars this year for the Relay for Life fight against cancer. Thanks to Quality powder coatings for their support!
Providing the environmentally responsible choice
As part of the IFS mission statement, providing the environmentally responsible choice is part of
the IFS DNA. Not only is our product the environmentally responsible choice, but we are constantly working on improving the environmental footprint of all aspects of our business. With this is in mind, our purchasing department has worked hard to introduce releasable zip ties to our packaging.
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