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     After the US Presidential Election, I Believe the Most Important Race is in Massachusetts...



 One Great Read

Scott's book, "Against All Odds," is a real page turner, offering life changing inspiration.

The extraordinary personal journey of a man who, against all odds, rose to become one of America's most surprising and promising new political figures.

Scott Brown3 

Scott Brown's greatest win did not occur on a cold January election night in 2010 when he came from behind to capture the U.S. Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for nearly fifty years. It began many years before, an amazing story of triumph, against all odds. 


Event For US Senator Scott Brown


Saturday August 18th, 




To get on the guest list, please send an email to , I'll send you all the details. 


I need a favor, I'm asking for your help.  


This is so important to me and even more for America.  Please help me return Scott Brown to the US Senate. 

It's a close, crucially important contest.  This is the one US Senate seat where we can make a decisive difference, please join me.


Any amount helps, large or small as long as we try to make a difference. 


I can track your contributions at this link above.


I'm part of a team hosting an event for US Senator Brown up on Cape Cod on August 18th.


I'd like you to be there but if you can't I'm asking for your help here.  


 No Matter Where You Live, this is the Senate Race that Means the Most


The Senator Who Succeeded Ted Kennedy


Scott Brown 


No matter what State you live in there is no more important US Senate race, we MUST return Scott Brown to Congress.


As a New Yorker, working in the finance industry, I think it's of paramount importance Scott is reelected.
As an author who's spent many long days analyzing what went wrong in the financial crisis, as an advisor to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, as a participant in the Academy Award winning documentary "Inside Job," I'm here to say loud and clear, "we need Scott Brown's ideas to stay in the US Senate."
I believe electing Elizabeth Warren to the US Senate for the next 6 years, would be a Colossal Failure of Common Sense, the wrong choice for what's left of the financial industry.
After every financial crisis in the last 150 years you get a deadly - pendulum swings too far phase-, this is where initiative choking regulation is the ultimate job killer. We need Scott Brown to help lead our country out of this financial quicksand.
The recent bankruptcies in MF Global, Peregrine Financial go a long way to prove we don't need more rules and regulation, we need effective regulators.

Likewise, the SEC and the New York Fed were inside Lehman Brothers for many months in 2008, we need regulators with the talent to spot trouble, not ignore it.
I've spent a lot of time with Scott Brown discussing what's right and wrong about financial reform and Dodd Frank, he gets it, and has the right ideas to make the crucial improvements needed.
Above all, I want Scott on the Senate Finance Committee next year, he's the right choice, not his opponent.
Please, email me to get on the guest list.
If you can't make it please make a contribution.  Join our team, large or small, every bit helps.


Thanks very much in advance.


Larry McDonald
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