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August 2014
Tell the world what "lupus is"
Lupus awareness campaign kicks off now

Awareness -- it's one of the pillars of the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota's mission. We attempt to raise awareness in everything that we do. But today we kick off a campaign that is strictly about raising awareness.


The campaign highlights what YOU, those touched by lupus, believe lupus is.


It's simple. Just download the "Lupus Is" PDF sheet. In one word, or a short phrase, tell us what lupus is to you. 


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Managing lupus symptoms through healthy eating

By Amanda Sue Watson, MA, CNS, LN

Watson Health & Wellness


Balanced nutrition is an excellent opportunity to manage symptoms and reduce potential issues related to lupus and other life stressors. While there is not a specific diet plan for lupus management, there are a number of things you can incorporate to feel empowered in your journey.

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Exercise program benefits those with joint pain and fatigue
Regan MOVES offered through LFM this fall

"The first time I tried exercising with weights and cardio segments I cried. The pain was unbearable and I couldn't squat."


These discouraging words were uttered by Regan Mizuno, referring to an attempt to exercise after she was initially diagnosed with lupus. She desperately wanted to exercise without the debilitating pain she was experiencing, so she began trying different ways to exercise that did not exacerbate the pain in her joints. Once Mizuno discovered what worked for her, she wanted to know why it worked.

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Regan Mizuno,Regan MOVES

Support group training connects patients, supporters and experts

Support groups are an essential means for promoting community and wellness among those living with lupus. Keeping these groups and their facilitators up-to-date on the latest in lupus research and pain management is critical to their ongoing success.


That's why LFM hosted a special retreat for support group facilitators on August 9. Featuring a variety of presenters, it offered participants a chance to learn more about lupus, as well as meet one another and begin a dialogue on the best practices for support group facilitation.

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Encourage your friends to participate in a lupus research study
If you have friends who are over the age of 18 and do not have lupus, they may be eligible to act as control subjects for a research study examining the gene expression patterns of patients with autoimmune and other disorders. Click the "read more" button below to find out how they can participate.
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Erik Peterson, M.D., University of Minnesota
New local research may change how patients are diagnosed and treated

An LFM-funded University of Minnesota researcher is leading the way on work that may change how lupus is diagnosed and treated.


Erik Peterson, M.D., whose research was funded by LFM in 2013, is examining the role gene PTNP22 plays in the production of interferon (IFN). "We've noticed that IFN needs to be produced 'on location' -- within a tissue under attack by lupus -- in order to exert a protective, anti-inflammatory effect," said Peterson. "We know that IFN in the bloodstream of many patients with lupus is already high. However, the blood may not be the proper location for it to work."


Peterson's work is featured in an article by the Alliance for Lupus Research; read it in its entirety at the aforementioned link.

Other upcoming events (click the links for additional information)
September 3

In this gentle fundamentals class, participants will practice a variety of standing and reclining asana (poses) with an emphasis on beginner modification, breathing and relaxation techniques. Great for stress relief and overall relaxation.


September 17

Tai Chi Chih is a meditative form of exercise that can reduce stress, relieve pain and increase circulation, flexibility and balance. Join Monica Campbell for this easy to learn practice -- one that can be done anywhere and is suitable for every fitness level.


October 4

LFM is proud to be a charity partner of the Midwest Comic Book Association (MCBA) at this annual event. Enjoy 60,000 square feet of comic book action and support LFM!


October 9-10

Learn about the latest in lupus research and treatment at "You Don't Look like You Have Lupus," a special presentation to be held in Duluth at the St. Louis County Health and Human Services Conference by Sandy Parnell, LFM's Director of Education; rheumatologist Cynthia Weaver, M.D.; and local LFM support group facilitators Jody Anderson and Lois Backscheider.

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