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Owning a Vacation Home through Luxury Resorts West provides you with Options vs Obligation.  Although spending time at Bighorn Meadows or Sunrise Ridge is always a memorable vacation experience, you may want to experience other destinations.  Our Owner Enhance program allows our Vacation Home owners to do just that, and offers more selections than ever before, by depositing weeks from their home resort to travel to other resorts around the world.

The Enhance program is made up of 3 separate travel programs; Club Interval Gold, Advantage and the LRW Club.  This allows owners to shop for what they want, when they want it and then once they've found it, make their deposit.

Read on to learn more about this exciting NEW program and discover the benefits and how to save with Vacation Home Ownership!
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CLUB INTERVAL GOLD - included in the Enhance program
Allows owners at Bighorn Meadows Resort and Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort to use their unused time and deposit for points to travel to thousands of resorts around the world. BMR and SRR are rated as premier and select (highest ratings) resorts through Interval International; therefore, provide our owners with high point values.

Those points, or currency, are used to book week stays OR short stays at other resorts.

For example:  A deposit for a 3 bedroom in June/July/August at Bighorn Meadows is assigned a point value of 120,000 points.  Here are some short stay (3 nights) examples and point values:

Short Stay Exchanges July 25
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Sometimes resort assigned weeks don't work out with your schedule.  That's when the LRW Club can assist with what you want and need.  Change back into your home resort or try out our other resort property.  Both locations are ideal and meet the same high standard quality.
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Luxury Resorts West
Owner Enhance Program

Not part of the program yet?  Call 1-888-766-9637 and set up an appointment at Bighorn Meadows or Sunrise Ridge to speak to a Resort Rep. 

Look at what your missing from this weeks deals below!
Quick Weeks through Advantage

Scottsdale Links Resort


 Only $333  

in a 2 bedroom for the whole week!!!


Aug 9-16, 2013


* Tip:  Quick Weeks are last minute deals on the Advantage website.  They have other dates available and the price goes up the further away the date is. 


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FLIGHT DEALS through Advantage
Calgary to Phoenix
Aug 9-16
round trip!

Edmonton to Florida
Aug 17-24
round trip! 

Tip:  If you have weeks that you are not using at your home resort, you can deposit with Advantage for credits to use toward your flight!

What's New?
The pool at Sunrise Ridge Waterfront Resort is
Pool at Sunrise Ridge

Advantage Program
Owner Testimonial
We have, over all been very pleased with the Advantage Program.  It is our first year using the system and I have to admit we were apprehensive that all of the claims may prove to be over-blown, it almost seemed to good to be true.  But, after some initial confusion with use of the website, everything went smoothly and exactly as promised.  The customer service manager at Advantage was extremely helpful and accommodating.  When ever I call or email with questions I receive very prompt responses.  If the program continues to operate as it has in this first year, it will prove to have been an excellent investment for us.  It is allowing us to make the most of our vacation property.
Kind Regards,
Wendy Zerr