Issue: 38 November 2015
2015 M&A Source Fall Conference Begins November 9!
The 2015 M&A Source Fall Conference  and Dealmakers Expo will take  place November 9-12, 2015 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
This conference will be our biggest and best in years - with well over 200 people in attendance. Don't miss this exciting and informative event - the conference will feature three new courses in addition to workshops, networking events, and the M&A Source Dealmakers Expo. The Expo allows you to meet face-to-face with Private Equity Groups who are ready to make deals happen. We have over 40 PEGs and service providers ready to meet with you!

Did you know there's an app for that? That's right, thanks to our Official Data Partner Pitchbook - we are happy to announce the Fall Conference & Dealmakers Expo has its own app this year. All registered attendees should have received information about how to download and use the app already. If you haven't, please contact for assistance. 
There's still time to join this exciting event, just check the website for more details!
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Save the Date for the 2015 M&A Source Fall Conference
November 9 -12 Albuquerque, NM

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The Women of M&A Source
Joe Lindsey, M&AMI, CBI
M&A Source Chairman  

The July 2013 edition of the M&A Source newsletter, the BRIDGE, published an article of mine entitled "The Trouble with Women." The point of that article, in my opinion, was that The M&A Source did not have enough women in leadership roles. 
Perhaps it's time to revisit the premise that we do not have enough women in leadership roles.  Let's compare where we were then with where we are today.  

Keys to Navigating the Buy/Sell Highway
James P. O'Sullivan 
May Lu
Tiffany & Bosco

Are you considering selling your business? If not now, a bit further down the road?  Whether you are expecting a leisurely drive with the top down or a rally-car cliff hanger, some special insights can help you avoid wrong turns and dead ends.

What is Motivating Your Move?  It is always better to have as the reason for your sale, thoughtful planning for the good of your family and employees rather than finding yourself on the dreaded "D List" (Disenfranchisement, Default on Debt, Divorce, Disability, or Death).  
New Members 
October 2015

Robert Amerine
John Davies
Thomas Dickson
Kevin Doyle
Thomas Edens
Terry Flanagan
James Johnston
Edward Lara
Angela Marshall
Lisa Riley
Eight Ways to Make the Most of the M&A Conference
Michael Camerota, M&AMI
Editor, The Bridge

Okay, I'll admit that in the past I didn't make the best of every IBBA and M&A Source conference I attended, but over the past ten years, I've improved dramatically.  After years of experience attending the conference, I have compiled a list of my "Top Eight" tips for getting the most out of the upcoming event.

Would You Hire Monty Hall?
Tracey Gillespie
Wells Fargo

Matrix Value Advisors Article

Imagine standing next to Monty Hall, surrounded by enthusiastic contestants screaming advice regarding which door to pick. And you're listening, because you are the lucky contestant on "Let's Make an Exit Deal"! Door 1 looks as promising as Door 2. But maybe Door 3 conceals the coveted grand prize. Behind each door is a potential successor or acquirer, anxiously awaiting for you to hand them the reins in exchange for a deal.

Certified M&A Professional Program: Scholarship and Award Winners Announced!
The Certified M&A Professional Program  is offered by the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University in conjunction with The M&A Source. This five-day program, presented at the Coles College campus near Atlanta, Georgia, has received rave reviews and has been attended by M&A professionals from the United States, Canada and Africa. 
The curriculum, dedicated to privately held businesses, covered all phases of a successful M&A transaction - transaction validation and diligence; business valuation; financial analysis and tax planning; private equity funding; deal structuring and negotiations, and a special focus on best practices in M&A intermediation and consulting.

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The association is organized and operated to promote members' professional development to better serve their clients' needs, and to maximize public awareness of services performed by intermediaries and ancillary advisors who facilitate solutions available for lower middle market merger and acquisition transactions.

The M&A Source was established in 1992 to address the challenges faced by merger and acquisition professionals. This international organization currently has more than 350 M&A dealmakers including intermediaries, investment bankers, attorneys, accountants, financial planners and others involved in the M&A process.