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December 2017 Sale Newsletter







December 9th, 2017

With the approaching Holidays, we wanted to remind everyone of some of the discounts we have on items in our store.  The items listed below qualify for 1 cent shipping if ordered by December 18th, 2017.**  We also have a Bonus Clue for our Trivia Contest this time around.  The Mystery Subject is a hard one, not a well known person.

Also, don't forget we offer Gift Certificates in any dollar amount.  If you just don't know what to get for the militaria collector in your family, this might be the best idea for you.

In addition to your regular order, if you would like to donate to our museum, we can accept donations via our website, simply add this to your cart.  You can donate as much as you would like, just change the quantity to match the dollar amount you would like to give.

(Dates to guarantee delivery by December 23rd, 2017, NO DELIVERY ON SUNDAY DEC. 24 OR MONDAY DEC. 25)

December 18th, Last Day for 3 Day Select pickup
December 20th, Last Day for 2nd Day Air pickup
December 21st, Last Day for 'regular' Next Day Air pickup
December 22nd, Last Day for "Saturday Delivery" Next Day Air pickup

*Keep in mind, UPS Ground packages may be delayed due to volume and are not guaranteed to be delivered by a specific date.

(Dates to guarantee delivery by December 23rd, 2017, NO DELIVERY ON SUNDAY DEC. 24 OR MONDAY DEC. 25)

December 19th, Last Day for First Class Mail pickup
December 20th, Last Day for Priority Mail pickup
December 22nd, Last Day for Express Mail pickup

International Orders:
International shipping delivery depends on delivery location and service selected.  We suggest ordering no later than December 1st, in order to receive your packages prior to Christmas.

**Regular Domestic shipping only.  No International or Expedited shipping discount.  Our choice on delivery service / method.  Only the below items qualify for reduced shipping.  Combining non-sale items pays discounted shipping on sale items only.


1) Items from the  91st Infantry Division  from WWI and WWII
2) 91st Infantry Division WWI "Yard long photos"
3)  Items relating to the 364th Infantry Regiment from WWI
4) Damaged WWI US uniforms for museum trench Display 
5) WWII German PPK slide and spare parts.

Sale Items

Sale UF-611, WWI US M1910 pack 
Our Price: $89.50

Sale PS-058. Third Liberty Loan. 
Our Price: $130.50

Sale PS-014. Emphasis on Youth. 
Our Price: $35.50


Our trivia contest increases to $50.00 this month with no correct guesses so far.  Here are three new clues to help you out!

Only one guess per person per newsletter.  The first one who calls us at 707-763-2220 or emails us at with the correct answer, wins!  Here we go with three clues:

Bonus Clue:

9. I was wounded in two different wars.

Old Clues:

1. I was born on an island.
2. My horse saved someone's life.
3. I was out of mi litary service for about three years before returning.
4. I served in combat on two different continents.
5. I was born in one century and died in another.
6. I was injured at least twice during combat.
7. I received an honorary rank when I retired.
8. My parents had many children.


Each month we will post three new clues until the subject is identified and the prize will continue to increase in value $25.00 each month until we have a winner.  The rules are simple:  You only get one try per newsletter (no multiple guesses) the first person to correctly identify the subject wins.  You can contact us at (707) 763-2220, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or send us an email with your answer to





Thank you for your support!


Kevin and Jason


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