Lips in Bloom Sale. All lip products are reduced by 10% including lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip pencils.  


All primers and foundations are also reduced by 10% during March. 


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An intensely black volumizing, water resistant mascara with a plush brush that separates, coats, and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection for just $16.

As always, just email me at glassman.lynne@gmail.com if you want any of the sale items or the new mascara.



  • Vintage-Inspired Feminine Details can be found in billowy bell sleeves, cascades of ruffles from sheer and ethereal to crisp and structured. Embroidery and wildflowers embellish rompers, tops, dresses and more. And the hues are soft and dusty (perfect for those who are summer in their color palettes)
  • Statement jackets in denim and bomber in style define the outfits and are adorned with lace, needlework, superpower blooms, appliques, patches, and powerful prints..
  • Off the shoulder, slouchy one-shoulder pieces or shoulder baring is the silhouette of the season.(You will need a strapless bra for this style and it is suggested you go a band size down and a cup size up from your normal size to get maximum support). 
  • Speaking of denim, it is omnipresent and can be found in jackets, casual and dressy dresses; dusters; blouses; skirts; shoes; purses and anything else you can think of.
  • Shoes have stacked or blocked heels or are slides (also called mules) and are adorned with bows, knots, ties, embroidery, beads, flowers and so on.
  • Dresses are longer in length (midi) and very often printed with floral patterns and in soft hues.
  • Stripes-- bold, bright and textured, provide a bolt of energy this season.
  • This seasons florals bloom up and down long-tiered skirts, ruffled jumpsuits and voluminous sleeves. 
  • Shades of blue are very popular this spring from the palest seafoam to the richest cerulean. And neutral hues are widespread.
Always keep in mind that just because something is The Trend, does not mean it is becoming for you. If you are still unsure of what is becoming for you, consider having a color analysis and silhouette analysis done with me. To learn more about each, check out my website at www.doctorofdress.com. 
Problem: Your black T-shirts and pants rapidly fade to gray.
Solution:  To keep blacks black, do not wash or dry clean them more than necessary. For machine-washable garments, use cold water, a mild detergent and the delicate cycle of the washing machine. Turn clothing inside out before laundering to help cut down on friction, and use a short wash cycle. If treating stains on black clothing, do not let them soak for more than 10 minutes. Dryers also contribute to fading so use a low-heat setting for 10 minutes to fluff up the garment, then hang it to dry. When shopping for black clothing, keep in mind that synthetic fibers hold color longer than natural fibers, so a rayon jersey will stay blacker than a cotton knit. If you want to revive a graying T-shirt, soak it in warm water for 20 minutes with a brand-new black garment. Manufacturers put extra dye in and some of it should transfer. 

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