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January 9, 2013
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Coming in January:
Mid - January
Autocourse 2012/13.
2012 F1 DVD
Now Available!
2012 FIA Formula 1
Review DVD 
2 disc set.
'in the Air'
Automobile Year #60
2012 LeMans DVD
Now Available!
2012 LeMans Review
2 - disc set! US Format!
2010-11 LeMans DVD Set
Now Available!
2010 - 2011 LeMans
Review DVD Set
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2012 Goodwood FoS
January Restock!
2012 Goodwood
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January Restock!
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Even with a quick trip to the ER and a few days hobbling around on crutches, 2013 is starting out better that average.
Our first shipments of the 2010/2011 and 2012 LeMans DVDs and 2012 Formula 1 DVDs have arrived. All advance orders should be filled by this weekend. Our first shipment of Automobile Year #60 and a restock of the 2012 LeMans Annual are 'in the air' and I'm told the US release of Autocourse 2012/13 is on schedule for next week. 
We're also eagerly awaiting sample copies of a few new books you may like. Watch this space.
The boys at Replicarz have released photos of the 'final sample' of their eagerly awaited 1/18 scale replica of Ray Harroun's 1911 Indianapolis 500 winning Marmon Wasp. 
Wasp Engine 1
A leather hood strap has been added and, for the first time, we see a nicely detailed engine sitting underneath that hood.

Wasp Engine 2
Firestone markings will be added to the tires then, (we hope) the OK will be given to start production. I know we always encourage advance orders on limited edition models, but in this case, every serious Indianapolis 500 collector is going to want at least one of these beauties and once they land (March?), they're going to disappear quickly. Still priced at $229.99. Reserve HERE.       - Paul
Our Top Selling DVDs:

Now Available!

Grand Prix
The Killer Years

Order HERE
2012 Goodwood Revival

Now Available!

2012 Goodwood
Revival Meeting
Official 2-disc DVD Set

Order HERE

A few odds and ends arrived from our various model suppliers the past couple weeks. We'll update them for you completely next time. 

But first, from Minichamps:2010 Hamilton McLaren
1/18 scale Minichamps
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-25
Lewis Hamilton
Qualifying Session, 2010 Canadian Grand Prix
Limited Edition 1,500 pieces

$139.00 Order HERE

With the Lewis Hamilton era at McLaren ending after the 2012 season, we have acquired the following mint-in-box Minichamps 'trade ins' of significant Hamilton McLarens by Minichamps. 

One each available:

530 071822
Lewis Hamilton / Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-22
First Win!
$94.99 Order HERE

530 081832
Lewis Hamilton / Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-23
World Champion 2008
$94.99 Order  HERE

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