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November/December 2016 Newsletter
From the Director
In this bustling season of the Year End I pause, and again, thank you all for being part of this Network of Afterschool and Summer providers of quality programs for Maine youth.    As you review your year and take stock of what worked well and what may need a little help I invite you to let us know of any assistance you need.    From Beyond the Bell Toolkit training access, to Spark and Asset development to Social and Emotional Learning    support, we can help you find the professional development and program technical assistance that you need.    Stay warm and keep the Lights On! Afterschool this winter.  

Erin Frati
Maine Afterschool Network, Director

MASN Annual Meeting
On November 9 the Maine Afterschool Network held its annual meeting at the Governor Hill  Mansion in Augusta, ME.  Professionals from school age child care  afterschool and summer programs gathered for professional development opportunities and  the Network Membership meeting. 

Our next meeting will be held:
April 25, 2017 9:30-2:00

Communities of Practice Updates
Naples CoP 
The Naples CoP will have it's first fall meeting on Tuesday, December 13, 10am-noon  at the Singer Center in Naples, Maine. Click HERE to register!  Speaker: 5-2-1-0
Blue Ox App Challenge 2017
Create an app that helps students with schoolwork or activities for a chance to win a cash prize! 

First prize is $1000.
Second prize is $500.
Third prize is $250.
Prizes will be divided equally among team members.

Students who go to school in Maine (or are homeschooled in Maine), are at least 13 years old, and have not completed high school (or high school equivalency) as of the contest submission deadline.
A parent or guardian must authorize participation for anyone under 18.
Contestants may participate alone or on a team made up of no more than five, and all participants must meet the participation standards above. Each participant must complete and return the Contest Agreement ( view sample agreement here). Apps that include participants who have not completed a Contest Agreement will be disqualified. No adult adviser or mentor may write the code or create the assets (such as sound or graphics) for the app.

Lights On Afterschool a Success!
October 20 was National Lights On! Afterschool day!  Over 50 Lights On! events took place across the state of Maine.  Below are the highlights from the Maine Afterschool Network's spotlight events. 

The 2016 Spotlight Event at Fairview Elementary Before/After School Child Care program was a big hit!
The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent of Auburn Schools joined us for the Lights On! Afterschool event on Thursday, October 20th, 2016. Superintendent Katy Grondin, read the Governor's Proclamation to the students and guests. She read the proclamation in a way that the children could understand and relate to its importance.
The children enjoyed the STEM activities almost as much as watching their parent's reactions. They had a team challenge to "Save Freddie the Worm" using paperclips to successfully pull a gummy ring from underneath an overturned cup and return it to Freddie the gummy worm who rests on top of the cup without it falling off. The Vomiting Jack-O-Lanterns interested the parents and children alike, by using baking soda and vinegar to create an amusing chemical reaction. Parents were engaged in the activities with students and were happy with the results of the event. Many stayed for the duration and took time to socialize with staff and other families who participated or popped in to check things out.

The Auburn Superintendent, Katy Grondin, joined the Before/After School Child Care on Friday, October 21st, 2016, to celebrate the Lights on Afterschool 2016 Spotlight Event at Sherwood Heights.
The children from the after school program made, personalized invitations for parents, school committee members, the Mayor's office and the Superintendent's office. The outpouring support by the children's parents was amazing, 20 family members attended and participated in this event! This has been the largest family involvement we have seen at this site.
The children enjoyed the STEAM themed Do-It-Yourself craft fair. This fair gave the children an opportunity to design and create their own STEAM craft to take home with them. They had 4 activity stations to choose from, ranging from glow in the dark storm jars to a cooperative math dice game. The glow in the dark Storm Jar was the biggest hit. For this craft the children filled mason jars with water, then added shaving cream. Children mixed water with black light paints of different colors in baby food jars then took turns using water droppers to collect the paint and fill the cream. Once the shaving cream became too full of the water and paint mixtures, the paint and water began to rain down into the clear water. They used a black light to illuminate the storms. Many families stayed after they had completed their crafts to enjoy refreshments made by the children and to socialize with each other.

On  November 15th , 53 students and 60 parents, caregivers, and siblings attended a Family Engineering Night at LWAS (LearningWorks  Afterschool ) at Waterboro Elementary  School . Family Engineering Night is an informal engineering education event that actively engages our students and their families in fun, hands- on  activities. The purpose of having a Family Engineering Night is not only to provide families a snapshot of what LWAS offers, but allows families to participate in engineering challenges similar to what is offered  after   school . In addition, Program Director Aimee Moody spoke  on  the importance of  after   school  programming- especially one that has a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) focus.  

The Lights On Afterschool rally featured Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling, Portland Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Jeanne Crocker, and LearningWorks Executive Director Heather Davis as well as local business leaders, educators, and other officials. Student performances included a hip hop dance by Mayo Street Arts/Portland Youth Dance, a scene from The Hobbit by the Children's Museum and Theater of Maine, Liam Swift, a student from the Telling Room reading an excerpt from his novel, The Sky at 5am , and presentations from students from LearningWorks Afterschool and A Company of Girls. The event was hosted by Blake and Eva from Coast 93.1. Event partners include LearningWorks, A Company of Girls, Boys & Girls Club, Portland Recreation, The Telling Room, Portland Youth Dance, Portland Community Squash, Mayo Street Arts, Children's Theater of Maine, and Parkside Neighborhood Center.

Afterschool in the News 
Afterschool and Summer Program Important to Maine Says Educate Maine Report 
The Maine State Chamber of Commerce and Educate Maine have recently released a policy brief titled "College and Career Readiness for Maine", which outlines seven strategies and 15 actions to ensure college and career readiness for all Maine Students, and includes a focus on the need for summer and afterschool programs. The goals and actions laid out in this brief work together to ensure all Maine students are in a strong position to succeed throughout the education pipeline, better enabling them to graduate from high school on time, with proficiency in key subject areas, so they are well-prepared for postsecondary education and the workforce. This particularly pertains to Maine students from low-income families, who are less likely than their higher-income peers to be proficient in math and reading, and are also less likely to graduate from high school or go on to college. Studies show that consistent participation in afterschool programs lead to improved behavior, academics and attendance.

The "College and Career Readiness for Maine" policy brief can be found online at

New report sees how state policies can promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
(From the Afterschool Alliance) new report from RTI International examines an emerging trend that uses state policy to promote healthy eating and physical activity in afterschool and other out-of-school-time (OST) programs. Based on stakeholder interviews and state case studies, the authors conclude that the state policy approach holds significant promise if it avoids creating unfunded mandates. Read more!

FREE STEM Webinar! Thursday, December 15th, at 1 PM
On  Thursday, December 15th, at 1 PM , New York State Network For Youth Success  will look at Developing a Science and Engineering Identity in youth. This one-hour webinar will explore how engaging youth in real world experiences is vital to developing such an identity. All of the webinars in this series are specific to youth-work in a variety of expanded and out-of-school settings, to ensure that the content is relevant to our field. 
To register, click  here .

Click2Science Professional Development is an online training resource for out-of-school-time professionals. Click2SciencePD improves the quality of STEM learning in informal learning environments by helping staff deliver quality, well-facilitated STEM activities. To explore Click2Science's training resources, or for more information on how Click2Science impacts STEM learning among youth in a positive way, visit

Webinar: Applying for a New York Life Foundation Excellence in Summer Learning Award or the NSLA Founder's Award 
On  Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 1:00 PM EST , learn how your program can apply for a New York Life Foundation Excellence in Summer Learning Award  or the NSLA Founder's Award .

In this webinar, you'll hear from award winners: Engaging Creative Minds with their successful program aimed at preventing summer learning loss, The Summer STEAM Institute as well as Wayne State University's Math Corps, a program with a goal to help as many of Detroit's children as possible graduate high school, preparing them for college and beyond.

In addition to these organizations sharing how media exposure and a generous award from the New York Life Foundation have helped their programs get geared up for 2017, you'll have the opportunity to ask NSLA any additional questions to help you prepare your winning submission.

Webinar: Creating a Successful Formula to Engage School-Age Programs in Quality Improvement
On October 18, 2016 the National Center on Afterschool and Summer Enrichment (NCASE) hosted a webinar designed to explore strategies for building sustainable quality improvements, ways to engage school-age programs, create standards, select assessment tools, and provide support. Participants learned about national trends and promising practices from two states and shared strategies to build a system that works.

Webinar: Supporting School-Age Children in Family Child Care
On October 5, 2016 The National Center on Afterschool and Summer Enrichment and the National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance facilitated an interactive webinar session to help better understand the needs of States, Territories, and Tribes around supporting school-age children in family child care. The National Association of Family Child Care presented an overview of the current status of family child care and supports for providers.

Please visit the National Center for Afterschool and Summer Enrichment  Resource Library for additional resources.


Growing Computer Science Education in Afterschool: Opportunities and Challenges
Read what afterschool providers have to say about the opportunities and challenges to offering computer education.  A report by the Afterschool Alliance.

Webinar: Level the Field in Computer Science with Girls Who Code
Coding and computer science are hot topics in the education world-as necessary skills for the 21st century, as opportunities to access a growing job market, and as relevant hooks to engage today's youth. Curious to know how afterschool programs can get involved? Join this webinar to hear from Girls Who Code, an organization that has been working to close the gender gap in the technology through their immersive summer program for high school girls and a rapidly-expanding afterschool initiative for 6th-12 graders. They will present their strategies for effective computing education, and share how you can get started by hosting a Girls Who Code Club.

Resource Guide: Computing & Afterschool
A guide for educators that includes curriculum, background, reading, and professional development resources.  Click here to read! 
Policy Updates

Special Report: ESSA: Mapping Opportunities For the Arts
(From the Afterschool Alliance) The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) officially replaced No Child Left Behind (NCLB) as the guiding, major federal education law in December of 2015. Since implementing ESSA takes time, ESSA's changes will start taking effect during the 2017-18 school year. ESSA includes several opportunities for states and local school districts to utilize flexible federal funds to provide students with afterschool and summer learning programs, STEM learning, physical activity, and arts education.   

This special report highlights the ways that states and districts can engage the arts in the ongoing work of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Read report here!

5 opportunities for afterschool in new Department of Education regulations for ESSA
(From the Afterschool Alliance) On November 29th, the Department of Education  issued final regulations on accountability, school support, data reporting, and consolidated state plan provisions under the  Every Student Succeeds Act  (ESSA). The regulations strengthen the voices of afterschool advocates who recognize the importance of being included in state plans by reinforcing the importance of stakeholder involvement, awareness of equitable resources, and state and local flexibility in decision making.

The new regulations responded to more than 20,000 comments on the draft regulations (including a submission by the Afterschool Alliance), in some cases clarifying the law, in other cases explaining the decision to not take action, and occasionally suggesting that more information would come in the form of non-regulatory guidance. We've identified the following five areas in the regulations where afterschool may play a major role. 

The Puffin Foundation West Grant
The Puffin Foundation West seeks to open the doors of artistic expression by providing grants to artists and voices often excluded from mainstream opportunities due to race, gender, or social philosophy. To achieve that goal, the organization offers grants for arts projects that discuss a wide range of social and civil justice issues.
A grant from Puffin Foundation West could provide valuable support to an afterschool program seeking to inform the local community about an important issue through the arts. Issues that could be addressed include food insecurity, peace, prisons, discrimination, race, culture, sexual orientation, trafficking, global warming, environmental protection, nuclear proliferation, poverty, gender issues, racial profiling, immigration, bullying, violence in schools, homelessness, gun control, animal rights, and more.

Deadline: December 16, 2016 
More information and application: 

the generous support of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, the Afterschool Alliance is once again looking for stellar afterschool programs that provide students with integral literacy learning opportunities to develop their reading, writing and critical thinking skills. This year, the focus of the award is on English language learners and the ways afterschool programs ensure that these students have the reading and writing abilities they need to thrive.

Nominations for the $10,000 Dollar General Afterschool Literacy Award are now open.

Deadline: Nominations due  December 16, 2016 

Walmart Foundation: Community Grant Program  
Through the annual program, grants of up to $2,500 will be awarded to local nonprofit organization within the service area of individual Walmart stores. Grants will be awarded in the areas of hunger relief and healthy eating, sustainability, women's economic empowerment, and/or career opportunities. 

Captain Planet Foundation  
The Foundation   primarily makes grants to U.S. based schools and organizations with an annual operating budget of less than $3 million. Captain Planet Foundation also provides grants ranging from $500 to $2,500 for activities that are project-based, performed by youth and have a real environmental impact.


NCASE Resource Library
The NCASE Resource Library helps you stay informed and support your efforts to increase access and improve program quality. The NCASE Resource Library connects you with tools, profiles, and information on a range of key topics in Out-of-School Time.
NCASE provides training and technical assistance to State, Territory and Tribal Child Care and Development Fund agencies and their networks and stakeholders. The goal of NCASE is to ensure that school-age children in families of low income have increased access to high-quality afterschool and summer learning experiences that contribute to their overall development and academic achievement.   Visit the NCASE Resource Library here!

The Expert Hub
The National Afterschool Association (NAA) is launching a new service called the Afterschool Expert Hub . The Afterschool Expert Hub helps afterschool programs connect quickly and reliably with vetted trainers and content experts for projects and training programs. 
5210 Let's Go Out-of-School Time Toolkit 
5-2-1-0 Let's Go! works with out-of-school programs across the state to
increase healthy eating and physical activity opportunities for kids. This toolkit is designed to align with your Let's Go! work throughout the year. Each tab is designed to line up with the program's 5 Step Path to Success. Within each tab are the handouts, tools, and resources that will guide and support you through each step. Take time to become familiar with the contents of the toolkit and keep it handy! The whole toolkit is also available online for your convenience. To learn more about Let's Go! please visit (From 5-2-1-0 Let's Go!)
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2017 National Afterschool Association Convention
2017 National Afterschool Association Convention - March 19-22, Dallas, TX 
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Maine Afterschool Network Annual Meeting
April 25, 2016  9:30AM -2:00PM 
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