October 10, 2018
  • MA Poverty Rate Remains Flat in 2017
    • +1 in 10 MA residents lived below the poverty line in 2017, essentially the same as the rate in 2016
    • Child Poverty Rate also stagnant at approximately 13.5%
Updated data from American Community Survey (ACS) as reported in MassBudget brief dated October 2, 2018.
  • Public Programs cut poverty approximately in half in MA - keeping 920,000 (including +200,000 children) out of poverty
    • 140,000 and 150,000 people in Massachusetts were lifted above the poverty line due to SNAP benefits and the EITC and CTC, respectively.
For more information and to access the data, "Obstacles on the Road to Opportunity: Finding a Way Forward" published in May 2018
POLICY MATTERS: Budgets Reflect Values
Policy and funding choices matter.  The Federal budget reflects our values as a nation and trickles to state budgets.  State budgets reflect state values.

Representative Jim McGovern is tired of the argument that people can get off food stamps simply by getting a job.   In MA, 3/4 of people on SNAP are working.  

The budget for SNAP is critical.  House farm bill proposes cutting SNAP by millions of dollars and raising work requirements. For more information and to take action, click here.

  Shown above: Rep. Jim McGovern at our MASSCAP.& WCAC forum on the way forward in Greater Worcester at Mechanics Hall on Friday, October 5.
MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Making Our Voices Heard
How can we take action?
Representative McGovern told us we must "Be Impatient"...
  • Make a list and tell our policymakers what we need - and hold them accountable
  • Vote - every vote matters
  • Educate locally and in Washington
  • Work toward everyone being counted in 2020 Census

The above word cloud is result of asking those who attended our forum last week in Worcester for one word that describes how you can help in the fight against poverty.   We can all take action!
Together with Community Action Pioneer Valley, Springfield Partners for Community Action and Valley Opportunity Council, we will hold the next in the series of forums in Springfield on October 26Click here for more information and to register.

Stay tuned for details about next forum in the Berkshires in January.

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All MA residents will be able to meet their basic needs, access economic opportunities, build strong communities and move toward prosperity...

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