1. $20 fee to participate in grid, $30 fee to participate with nutrition component
 (see coaching staff for info)
a. Participating package clients must purchase new sessions if their package runs out during the challenge dates
b. Monthly unlimited members' sessions are included in their monthly fee, but will still pay participation fee

2. All sessions must be attended from May 1, 2017 through May 31, 2017, a ll cards must be turned in by June 6, 2017

3. " NEW" members can participate for $99

4. A " NEW" member is one that has NEVER attended a Charles River CrossFit session or a CATZ session.
a.This may also be a pre-existing client of either entity that has been INACTIVE for a minimum of 2 years.

5. Winners will be drawn on June 7, 2017

6. Complete a ROW or COLUMN and receive a t-shirt (all entrants)

7. Complete the Outer Box of the grid and be entered to win one free month of unlimited training (three winners, $225 value per prize)

8. Complete the entire grid and be entered to win three free months of training (two winners, $775 value per prize)

9. Additional classes will be added to the regular weekly schedule as well as some coaching changes during the challenge dates to allow more opportunities for attendance.

10. You are NOT allowed to receive two stamps for one class. 
a. For example, Tracy's HIIT class applies to either the HIIT class or Tracy on the grid

11. Clients MUST sign up for all classes using the Mind Body app or Zen Planner. You will NOT get credit for attending if you did not pre-register. 

A coach will sign your card at the END of each session attended
Staff is not responsible for lost or forgotten cards. You must have your card in order to receive a signature for attendance. There will be a $5 new card fee if you have misplaced yours but you will have to start at ground zero. We will not go back through your attendance to resign your grid. 
(psst - your phone case makes a great carry case when card is folded)