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Safety Committee news
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MCASF Presents Prestigious Safety Excellence Awards
Award-winning Contractors report 1.4 million
work hours with ZERO lost workdays
The Mechanical Contractors Association of South Florida has presented the Association's prestigious annual Safety Excellence Award to our 2017 contractor members. Each first place contracting firm was presented with a MCASF Safety Excellence Golden Hardhat Award signifying excellent safety records in 2016.

Five categories were judged as part of the Association's Safety Excellence Award Program, which is based on the same criteria required annually by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Categories were determined by total work hours reported by the contracting firm.
Award recipients for each of the five categories are as follows:
*            Advanced Integrated Services, Inc.: First place (tie) category one, 1-25,000 work hours
*            Coolwater Air Conditioning: First place (tie) category one, 1-25,000 work hours
*            Weathertrol Maintenance Corporation: First place category two, 25,001-75,000 work hours
*            Protocool Cooling Solutions: Second place category two, 25,001-75,000 work hours
*            McGilvray Mechanical: First place category three, 75,001-175,000 work hours
*            Kirlin, Florida, LLC: First place category four, 175,001-325,000 work hours
*            DebonAir Mechanical: Second place category four, 175,001-325,000 work hours
*            Trane Florida: First place category five, 325,000+ work hours
The five top-placing companies reported a total of over 1.400,000 work hours, yet experienced just 9 recordable injuries and not one single lost workday in 2016.
"The Mechanical Contractors Association of South Florida places a great emphasis on safety in our industry, which is why the Association provides extensive safety training and resources to our contractor members," stated Larry Means, President of the MCASF Board of Directors. "We're very proud to present this impressive award to recognize the tremendous efforts of our contractor members."
The Association's commitment to safety is part of a variety of supporting initiatives. MCASF Safety Committee Chairman Dave Lockhart, Director of Loss Control for Poole & Kent Co. of Florida, an EMCOR Group, Inc., commended the Association for its support of safety in the local industry, stating, "The excellent safety records of the Association's contractor members are the result of a deliberate, long-standing effort put in place by the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), and carried out by this local chapter in south Florida." Lockhart concluded that he was "extremely proud of the efforts of the Association's Safety & Health Committee", which is comprised of safety professionals employed by the contractor members of the Association.
ARPEC news

The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee congratulates the winners of this year's Sam Hamilton Apprenticeship Competition. These apprentices will go on to represent us in the upcoming Florida Pipetrades Apprenticeship Competition.

Edmund Hunte 
Nagelbush Mechanical, 5th year fitter 

Kevin Bashansci 
Nagelbush Mechanical, 4th year fitter

Josue Labrador 
Evo-Air, 5th year service
ARPEC is now accepting applications

ARPEC is accepting applications through April 28th for the fall program. Referral cards, like the one shown above, will soon been mailed to all contractors. Each card provides a QR code the link to application info on the  training center's website. Please visit www.arpec.org  for more info. On behalf of the JATC, we appreciate your help in finding qualified candidates. 

Register now for the ARPEC Graduation Ceremony 

ARPEC's 2017 Graduation will be held Saturday July 8th. Click here to sign up now through April 16 to receive the early bird rate. Due to Federal Laws, ARPEC is limited in the expenditures it can make toward holding a graduation ceremony. For that reason, sponsorships are needed and greatly appreciated, since they enable the training center to make the event nicer. Click here to learn more! 

Special event

Is your drug & alcohol testing policy compliant with OSHA's new rules?  

OSHA's new drug testing and anti-retaliation rule, which alters the circumstances when drug testing can be conducted and reemphasizes the protections for employees to report injury and illnesses without fear of retaliation, is now in effect.  This webinar will explore the new rule, thevarious real-life workplace scenarios that may be impacted by the new rule, and how employers can comply with OSHA's new regulation. Practical tips on making changes to comply with the new rule will be a focus of the webinar.
Presented by Fisher & Phillips
NOTE: NEW DATE! June 2 10:00 - 11:15 
10:00 - 11:15 
 Click here to register

LU725 news
Are you using the latest referral form?
Local Union 725 staff asks that MCASF contractor members take a moment to update their records with the latest referral form, available to download by clicking here.
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