October 2011 Issue 5.10
Get GoodSwinging
Writing a Drumming Method Book

The Get Good feature in the current issue of Modern Drummer magazine (December 2011 cover date) involves the topic of writing your own drum method book. Among the gentlemen we spoke with for the piece was Joe Bergamini, senior drum editor for Hudson Music and co-owner of the independent music publisher Wizdom Media.

"When someone submits a proposal for publication," Bergamini says, "what I look for is something that hasn't been done several times already. That's getting harder to come by, because there are so many great books already published on practically every topic. It's got to be something with a new twist that is applicable to a wide variety of drummers. Beyond that, you need a thesis: a clear approach that makes sense from point A to point B."

The MD feature includes many other good tips geared toward the drummer/educator pondering the idea of writing a book, so if you fall into that category, you might want to check out the piece. It would also be helpful to examine a selection of the better method books that have been released recently. Check out the Reviews section at moderndrummer.com, where we've posted a number of these Critiques, some of which have previously run in Modern Drummer magazine and some of which will appear in the near future. You might want to jot down a few of the titles that look interesting to you and then head over to your favorite drum shop and look them over.

As Bergamini suggests, there is much to be gained by finding out which concepts have been covered extensively and which ones have been under-explored -- or perhaps untouched. You might just identify a niche that your book idea would fill perfectly. And, of course, if you do follow through and end up being the author of an important new method book, we'd love to check it out ourselves.

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Aaron Bishara Clinic
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Florian Alexandru-Zorn Clinic & Masterclass Dates
Various U.S.A.
John Sferra And Tom Shelley Clinic
Mentor, Ohio

Stanton Moore November Clinics
Neil Peart's Taking Center Stage

The most in-depth insight into Neil's body of work ever documented.

This new three-disc DVD set from Hudson Music is the most in-depth look at Neil's body of work ever documented. Neil offers detailed demonstrations of his drum parts from classic Rush songs, slow-motion demonstrations of his classic fills, and a complete concert performance from drums-only cameras. Also includes documentary from Death Valley National Park and an e-book with note-for-note transcriptions.

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Click here to read the Modern Drummer review!
Lick of the Month

Brush Technique Part II

The December issue of Modern Drummer features part two of a series of articles on brush technique by German author/drummer Florian Alexandru-Zorn. The piece covers half-circle swish patterns that can work in a variety of musical situations.

Here's a diagram of how to play that basic half-circle motion.

To watch a video of Alexandru-Zorn demonstrating this brush stroke, along with various ways to apply it in a musical context, log on to the Education page at moderndrummer.com.

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Drummer Blogs
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The 2011 Velvetone Clinic Tour Comes Your Way Starting in October

The 2011 Black Panther Velvetone Tour is stopping at a Mapex Elite Drum dealer near you.

Featuring Derico Watson, Chris Pennie, and Will Calhoun, this tour will personally introduce you to the Black Panther experience described only as "Velvetone."

Check out the dates below to find the closest tour stop to you:

18-Oct Chris Pennie Rupps Drums Denver, CO
19-Oct Chris Pennie San Jose Pro Drum San Jose, CA
20-Oct Chris Pennie Skips Music Sacramento, CA
22-Oct Chris Pennie Cascio/Drummerfest New Berlin, WI
23-Oct Chris Pennie Ellis Drumshop Saint Paul, MN
24-Oct Chris Pennie Hix Brothers Music Aurora, IL
26-Oct Will Calhoun Sam Ash Springfield, NJ
27-Oct Will Calhoun Alto Music Middletown, NY
28-Oct Will Calhoun Cadence Music Rochester, NY

Click here for more information!
Hear the GearHear the Gear
Hear the Gear

Listen to MP3s of the Mapex Black Panther Velvetone and Cadeson Nagashi Compact drumsets. Complete reviews can be read beginning on page 22 of the December issue of Modern Drummer.
Pat Petrillo's Learn to Read Rhythms...Better!

With this groundbreaking two-DVD set, world-class drummer and educator Pat Petrillo has created a complete program that will teach you how to read rhythms in beginning to advanced levels. You will become a better, more confident reader with lessons covering standard rhythm notation, dotted rhythms and rests, syncopation combinations, triplet rhythm combinations, common and odd time signatures, codas, and repeats. Also included is a 105-page e-book, plus MP3 clips of each example.

Pat Petrillo's Learn to Read Rhythms...Better! is now available from Alfred Music Publishing for $29.95. Click here for more information.
Editors Obsessions

MD Associate Editor Billy Amendola

This month it seems like I've been listening to my music (and watching it) on YouTube more than anywhere else. I enjoy playing DJ for all my Facebook friends, and I'd like to share a few recent posts. I personally have always been about the song and or complete band/artist, so these aren't necessarily "drumming" tracks but rather tunes where the drummer makes the artist and the song really shine -- and, more important, makes the performance feel good.

First, check out SHAWN PELTON in this clip from Live at Daryl's, titled "Sara Smile/Ooo Baby Baby -- Smokey Robinson, Daryl Hall."

Next, Gino Vannelli's "I Just Wanna Stop," featuring the late MARK CRANEY.

I've always loved RINGO STARR's drumming on Abbey Road, particularly on the track "I Want You (She's So Heavy)." Check out this clip created for the Beatles: Rock Band game.

And finally, a rare track from the Alessi Brothers' debut album, featuring the late JEFF PORCARO.

I could go on for days, months, years, but for now we'll leave you with those. Hope you enjoy!

See you next time!

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