Dear Friends, 
    I hope you didn't suffered any damage to your home or property through our second round of winter weather. I received this notice from the State Highway Administration which I thought was timely and could prove helpful. It provides the number to report serious potholes and a form for damage compensation.

     Remember,  Session is ongoing and will end on April 11th, you can continue to monitor the actions of the General Assembly at Maryland General Assembly Homepage.   
   Please see the notice below and as always you can contact my office at 301-858-3101 or email me at with concerns, questions or support.  As always, it remains my privilege to represent you.

Geraldine Valentino-Smith
Delegate, Maryland General Assembly
District 23A

State Highway Administration Notice  
As warmer temperatures are in the forecast week following this week's snowstorm, we'd like to take this opportunity to share resources for constituents to report potholes on state roads and/or submit any claims for damages regarding potholes on state roads.  
Customers may submit pothole service requests 24 hours a day Here.
Customers should include as much information regarding the pothole including the name or route number of the state road, direction in which  the pothole exists and any cross streets that will help our crews quickly locate and fill the potholes. All potholes will be filled in the order received, weather and emergencies permitting. 
Claims for damages directly related to  potholes on state roads are handled by the Maryland State Treasurer's Office.  Customers Click Here.
Additionally, customers with claims for pothole damages can contact the State Treasurer's Office via phone at 410-260-7684. Customers should have as much information as possible when calling the Treasurer's Office including location of the pothole, time and date of the incident and other information like a service estimate or receipt for any work performed on their vehicle directly attributable to any pothole along a state road and the name and contact number of their insurance company. Any and all next steps regarding a submission of claims for damages will be taken by the Treasurer's Office after due diligence is performed.
 By Authority of Friends for Geraldine Valentino-Smith, Elizabeth Ryan, Treasurer