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September 12, 2016
From the MESPA Blog
This Week’s Post: “Minimizing the Stress”
by Dr. Christopher Chew
Principal of the Stony Brook Middle School in Westford

Continuing our recent back-to-school focus on relationships first, Chris shares how he introduced mindfulness strategies to staff. His engaging post reminds us of the need for principals to be intentional about implementing practices that reduce stress for students, staff and families.  

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Principals Supporting Principals:
Join Our New Regional Principals’ Support Groups
Did you see last week’s email announcing our six new regional support groups for principals? These new groups are intended to provide our members with support and professional learning to develop their leadership dispositions and skills.  We know that principals benefit from having a safe and confidential place to share ideas and get support and feedback from trusted colleagues around issues related to leadership practice.  

Groups will meet at a regular, specified time 8 times per year for two hours. Each group will be co-facilitated by an experienced, sitting principal and a retired principal/consultant. Groups will also communicate between sessions using Voxer, an app that combines voice and text messages to enable asynchronous group communication. Meetings will have an open agenda format with each group member having an opportunity to share issues - both global and specific to their practice.  The facilitators will guide the conversation, drawing on the insights and experiences of group members to help engage the group in reflective dialogue and collaborative problem-solving.  

Principals face increasingly complex expectations and challenges. The introduction to the recently updated leadership standards published by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (2015) describes principals packing up at the end of a “ full throttle day” and replaying the events of the day by asking themselves: “ Did I help make a difference to our students?  Did I focus on what matters most for their learning and well-being?”   Given the complexity and challenge of the work, why not learn and get support from colleagues who understand the full throttle days and who share the desire to focus on what matters most?  Groups begin in October, so join today!  

For information on group locations and meeting times, go to:  Regional Support Group Flyer. For registration, go to: Regional Support Group Registration Form .

Rick Rogers
MESPA Executive Director
#MESPAChat Continues to Grow!
Our monthly Twitter chat continues to see increased participation. You can read a transcript of last week’s September chat on back to school ideas at: Thank you to Dianne Carreiro, Principal of the Fuller Meadow School in the Tri-Town School Union for moderating the September chat and to Christopher Dodge, Principal of the Dexter Park Innovation School in Orange, for compiling the posts!

Join our next monthly Twitter chat on Wednesday, October 5 @ 8:00 pm
Upcoming Workshops @ MESPA
Offered in Partnership with Ribas Associates
In-Person Workshops for Teachers and Principals
  • September 22:  Creating a Socially, Emotionally, and Academically Appropriate Classroom for Advanced and Gifted Learners
  • September 27:  Working with Students with Behavioral Issues
  • September 29:  Overview of Disabling Conditions in the Classroom
  • October 13:  Eight Brain-based Teaching Strategies for Developing the Cognitive Context for Learning and Other Brain Based Strategies
Online Workshops (open for 7 days)
  • Opens September 26:  Overview of Disabling Conditions in the Classroom
  • Opens October 4:  Working with Students with Behavioral Issues
  • Opens October 11:  Eight Brain-based Teaching Strategies for Developing the Cognitive Context for Learning and Other Brain Based Strategies
  • Opens October 17:  Executive Function: Implications for Teaching and Learning
In-Person Workshops for School Leaders
  • October 6: Educator Evaluation Time Management and Time Saving Strategies
  • October 17:  How Can We Make Our Meeting and Teacher Meetings More Engaging and Effective?
And many more…for a complete listing and registration go to:
Leadership Coaching by MESPA
Coaching can be beneficial for all school leaders - not just those who are new. The MESPA Leadership Coaching program utilizes a “strength-based” model and a collaborative process that includes reflection and self-assessment. MESPA will provide a customized matching process between coach and principal. Interested in having a coach?  Please contact us or talk to your Superintendent. Information about our program has been distributed to them as well.

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