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Message from The Golden Ones
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Prostate Cancer
Free Guided Meditation Exercise
New Audio Version - How To Play The Game of Life - book
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Heart Sunset  
Message from The Golden Ones - Purpose of Conscious Mind
 We talked previously about Earth being a "Play Ground" for each soul's learning and we want to expand upon this topic.  When the soul first incarnates to Earth they receive a Conscious Mind.  The purpose of ........


Arthritis Treatment

Begin to put an end to your pain now.  The two most powerful, safe and effective treatments for ...........




Planetary Spirit Radio Inteview, August 15, 2013 with Jeff Ferrannini -



Tim will be interviewed on August 15, 2013 from 1 -2 pm regarding the work of The Golden Ones and other topics.



Prostate Cancer


If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer you need to know the HARD COLD FACTS!!!  Physicians, radiologists, oncologists and urologist will recommend...........



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Free Guided Meditation Exercise


Meditation MP3s for Beginners


This is a series of three meditation exercises for beginners.  There are six MP3 tracks, two tracks for each exercise.  The first exercise, two tracks, is free to see if this is something that may be of interest to you.  Cost for entire series is $15.


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This book is Tim's personal experience with the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and The Golden Ones. 

Written over the past seven years but not allowed to finish until we moved into the 5th Dimension.  Thirteen Chapters with Thirteen Rules with less than 100 pages but over 40 years of teachings. 


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Extremely accurate reports, especially the Couples Compatibility Reports.  The Couples Report will identify incompatible aspects in a proposed relationship before the relationship starts.  These reports will indicate whether a relationship will be abusive, possible infidelity, short or long term or even possible court proceedings.


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Study with the Masters - Intense program to quickly assist you in embracing who you are and learn to use the tools of the 5th Dimension, taking charge of your reality.  You will understand how to Master Your Thinking and why some of your dreams come true and others never materialize.


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