Newsletter:  11 October 2013
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Message from The Golden Ones
Radio Interview
Workshop in Strasburg, Ohio
Coming Workshop in Warwick, NY
How to Kill Colds
Preventing Colds
Free Guided Meditation Exercise
New Audio Version - How To Play The Game of Life - book
Astrology/Numerology Reports
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Heart Sunset  
Message from The Golden Ones - Mastering Your Thinking
Throughout the Universe, all thoughts, once completed, will manifest a reality........
Radio Interview -   
with Rev. Dr. Edwige who is a Spiritual Life Coach and Healer.
16 October 2013, at 8 PM (EST) Tim will be interviewed by Rev. Dr. Edwige regarding the work and teachings of The Golden Ones.


'Conscious Awareness' workshop in Strasburg, Ohio

The Golden Ones with Tim will facilitated a workshop on 21 September 2013 in Strasburg, Ohio
This was a very rewarding workshop for myself as the new teachings from The Golden Ones was well received and embraced by the participants.  We accomplished the objects:  Instantly removing age old fears from our Light Body, Understanding the workings of the Conscious Mind, How to remove sabotaging thoughts so our dreams and aspirations can manifest, and realizing our direct Oneness with God, One on One.  Something I didn't realize was each person's received an activation of their Crystalline DNA.  This is now the purpose of these workshops.
We welcome the opportunity to be invited to your area to present the same workshop, Activation of Your Crystalline DNA.
Much Love, Tim



 Warwick, New York  - Workshop


Activation of Your Crystalline DNA  


26 October 2013


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 How to kill colds - 
Step 1:  First sign of sinus, colds, flu, or bronchitis ........


Preventing Colds - 


The information in this article will tell you real Vitamin D......


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Free Guided Meditation Exercise


Meditation MP3s for Beginners


This is a series of three meditation exercises for beginners.  There are six MP3 tracks, two tracks for each exercise.  The first exercise, two tracks, is free to see if this is something that may be of interest to you.  Cost for entire series is $15.


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This book is Tim's personal experience with the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and The Golden Ones. 

Written over the past seven years but not allowed to finish until we moved into the 5th Dimension.  Thirteen Chapters with Thirteen Rules with less than 100 pages but over 40 years of teachings. 


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Extremely accurate reports!!!


The individual reports

 will provide an overview of who you are, you challenging aspects, your gifts and abilities and an understand of your unique Astrology profile.  No two persons have the same Astrology profiles.
The Couple Compatibility Reports
 will identify challenging aspects as well as areas where you work well together.  These reports are excellent for potential relationships.  They will provide a indept analysis of the future person you will be in partnership with, personal, business or family.



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