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Producer Support Always Welcome to Help MFGA Make a Difference
We are Manitoba Forage and Grasslands Association (MFGA): A producer-led group whose producers champion soils, grass and forages and respect natural areas and the natural areas-based solutions that come from healthy lands. Whenever possible, our folks prefer to let their grasses grow and water flow the way their lands have stored it or routed it for years. In these times of garnering public trust and unprecedented food scrutiny, MFGA is a producer-led group that makes a living while trying to do things right on their land. All in all, we have pretty much a feel-good story until the eventual question comes forward with a thud like a pothole on the 4-lane highway: How many producers does MFGA have?
   The honest answer is our MFGA individual supporter ranks probably do not number as many as we'd like. Or, need to do our best work. We have an awesome board, tons of strengths, tons of alignments, numerous awesome partnerships and exciting projects underway. And, we are growing momentum each day. There is also strength in networks, the vast amounts of lands our producers work on, our organizational partnerships and the underlying community spirit that runs through our crew to support, volunteer and help others. 
   Producer or not, If you think the way our crew does, we'd really enjoy you joining us. We accept all postal codes and support. MFGA is making a difference and carving out our impact in ways that make sense to us and makes sense to many others. With wise land management at the core of our group's mantra, we believe the safety, sustenance and well-being of our province's food systems, soil health, water management, biodiversity, carbon capture and farm prosperity we work for appeals to many of us. 
   Please visit and join us, please visit our corporate MFGA Supporters,
and help us continue to make an impact. Starting at just $50 per year for individual support, you can be part of our team.

Fields of Green 2017: MFGA's Green Gold Wants More Fields 
Winnipeg, Mb --- Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association (MFGA)'s Green Gold program is seeking more producer involvement to help maximize the long-standing program's benefits to producers. "We are looking for more alfalfa fields, especially in the Western, Central and Interlake areas of Manitoba," said Dave Koslowsky, MFGA chair. "That will help increase our wingspan across the province and help us to broadcast the best first cut for Manitoba's alfalfa growers as to when the relative feed value (RFV) is optimum for their crops." Read the full media release.

MFGA  "In the News"...
Highlights include the following articles:
- Manitoba Alfalfa Growers Wanted (Top Crop Manager) - MFGA's Green Gold program is seeking more producer involvement to help maximize the program's benefits to producers, specifically looking for more alfalfa fields in the western, central and interlake areas of Manitoba.
MFGA news articles and media releases found here.
Time to Evaluate Alfalfa for Winter Injury
By now your alfalfa has started to break dormancy and beginning to grow - time to evaluate the health of those stands and determine if there is any winter injury. We have gone through a strange winter with two thaws, rain in some areas and extended periods of cold weather. Any of these factors can have and do have a detrimental effect on alfalfa.  Here's what you should do...

High Quality Alfalfa - Be Ready for that First Cut!
It's fascinating how forage quality can change ever so quickly or instead at a tortoise-like pace depending on the year (Green Gold chart 1995-2016). Proper harvest timing is critical to growing high quality alfalfa. When crop maturity and weather conditions are right, good harvest management can help provide producers a better nutrient and economic return. Be ready for that first cut! Read the full article...

Is an Alfalfa Grass Mix Good for Your Farm?
More and more livestock producers are making alfalfa-grass mixtures work to their advantage in Manitoba. In both dairy and beef rations, there are good reasons to feed a mixture of alfalfa and grass such as nutrition, reduced soil erosion and reduced risk of winter-kill, but it also offers some unique challenges when we look at the variation of feed quality within and between cuts during the growing season.   Read on.

MFGA Aquanty Project's HydroGeoSphere (HGS) model: a flood/drought mitigation tool
The MFGA Aquanty Project management team created The Grasslander magazine to help communicate the values of this excellent project to the many stakeholders across the ARB and beyond. We want to inform and motivate all key audiences to support, understand and utilize the MFGA Aquanty project HGS model and it's great potential for the Assiniboine River Basin. 
MBFI Leadership Set for Exciting 2017
Winnipeg, MB --- Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiative (MBFI)'s leadership group is all set for an exciting 2017 on all three of the MBFI research farms located near Brandon. Ramona Blyth of MacGregor will continue to guide the MBFI as president of the board of directors. Blyth had been serving double-duty as the research farm's management committee chair as well as president until a replacement was named. Clearwater Don Guilford was recently named to guide the MBFI management committee as chair. Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives (MBFI) is a Brandon-based collaborative effort between Manitoba BeefProducers, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association and Manitoba Agriculture with input and leadership from producers, academia and other industry stakeholders across Canada. MBFI is the result of industry demand for change and the need for strategic long-term partnerships for the agricultural sector as a whole.
Industry Events & Programs
How about a pre-seeding safety evaluation?  If you're not ready to seed yet, consider a pre-season safety evaluation of your farm. It's free from the  Manitoba Farm Safety Program , a non-government organization that's dedicated to protecting farmers and their employees from farm accidents. The program also offers worker training, chemical and noise monitoring, and other consulting services. Call RenĂ©e at 204-299-7390 for details or to make a booking.
HMI Getting Started Online Courses   May to June, 2017
Holistic Land Planning May 4 - June 8, 2017  
Cost: $250 - Scholarships are available for those who qualify. 
Bus Trip & Private Tour of Brown's RanchJuly 18-20, 2017 in Bismark, ND
A private 8-hour tour by Gabe or his son Paul that includes meals, 2-night accommodations and transportation. Further details on the link above or contact Gerry Burgess (SSCA Office Manager) by email at
8th Annual CFGA Conference  -  November 14-16, 2017 in Guelph, ON
Canada's forage sector is a $5 billion industry. It also provides a significant contribution to carbon sequestration. The overall theme of this year's conference is Next Generation Forage Cropping Systems: Profit Above, Wealth Below in recognition of the profit that can be achieved from high quality forage production, and the wealth that is the carbon legacy from having forages on the landscape. Held at the Delta Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre, Guelph, ON this year - more info here.
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