MFGA eBulletin - November, 2016
Hay Situation & Price Update for November
John McGregor, MFGA Hay Expert, has surveyed Manitoba Agriculture Forage Specialists and forage industry people to provide a brief update of hay prices and the hay situation: As we move into November, the hay situation throughout the province seems to indicate that forage supplies are adequate to above. All areas of the province are reporting that forage quality is below normal and that producers may need to supplement rations this winter to meet livestock needs. Read the full Update.

The 7th Annual CFGA Conference is weeks away! 
This dynamic conference will highlight how the Canadian forage and grassland sector is a critical foundation for sustainable growth and development throughout the Canadian agriculture industry.
Key topics include Economics of forage production, environmental benefits of grass on the landscape, export industry development, The role of cover crops in annual production systems, and soil nutrient management and conservation. This year's exciting line-up includes: 
a 2,000-acre grain and 300-head cow-calf operation and MBFI RESEARCH FARM  is a centre of agricultural innovation.
- THE CONFERENCEAn exhibition, a full line-up of speakers several virtual farm tours, and the CFGA awards banquet.
Reserve Exhibit Space - view exhibitor benefits for either the $750 or $1,150 option
Sponsorship Opportunities - an opportunity to be seen as an industry leader
View the preliminary program - for speakers, registration, sponsorship & more

How Much Hay Will Your Cows Consume?
With the difficult weather this past year, many producers have excess amount of forage, but with low quality. Under this scenario, estimating forage usage by cows is going to be an important part of the task of calculating winter feed needs. Hay intake must be estimated in order to make these calculations. Forage quality will be a determining factor in the amount of forage consumed. Higher quality forages contain larger concentrations of important nutrients so animals should be more likely to meet their nutrient needs consuming these forages. Where the real concern comes this year is with the low quality forages that may be on the farm. Cows consuming lower quality forages may not be able to physically consume enough forage to meet their nutrient requirements. This can lead to lower body scores, weak calves and lower conception rates next spring. Read on....
Watch this video! Innovative ways to protect species at risk
After 100 years of land stewardship on Ross Ranch, John Ross works with Cows 'n Fish (Alberta Conservation Association) and the MULTISAR program to come up with innovative ways to protect the species at risk on his land and improve ranching practices at the same time! It's a heart-warming win-win story,  produced by us Environment and Climate Change Canada. Learn more about Species at Risk.

Storing net-wrapped bales

In areas that receive average rainfall, net-wrapped bales stored outside on a well-drained area shed more water and have less spoilage than bales secured with twine.When placed on a well-drained area, university research has shown that net-wrapped bales had average storage losses of 7% during outdoor storage compared to twine-wrapped bales, which had 11% storage losses. Because net-wrapped bales shed water so well, producers want to do everything they can to help that water move away from the bale. Placing the bales on a well-drained surface with a slight slope is very important to reduce spoilage caused by water wicking into the bottom of net-wrapped bales.
Industry Events
MB Ag Fall 2016 Series - Thursday Webinars in Nov & Dec
Manitoba Agriculture Industry Leadership staff provide free webinars on building the organizational capacity within the agriculture sector, including Board Roles & Responsibilities, Board Engagement, Risk Management, Bylaws, Financial Statements, Volunteer Recognition, Partnerships, Time Management.
ARBI 2016 Conference  -  Wed, Nov 9 in Minot, ND
Our 2016 conference theme is Fitting the Pieces Together: Cooperative water management across the landscape and held at the south end of the basin at Riverside Holiday Inn, Minot, North Dakota. Conference will include the review of our frame work plan, Aquanty Hydrogeospheric modeling of the basin and keynote, Dr. Bob Sandford. Questions: Wanda McFadyen at (204) 795-6672 or
2nd Annual MSA Sheep Farm Tours - Thurs, Nov 10 near Altona, MB
Intensive Management System covering areas such as pipestone sheep production systems, High Production Levels, Winter Lambing Facilities, Early Weaning Program, Finishing Program for Lambs and Culls. Registration $10. Free lunch. If interested contact your MSA District Director.
7th Annual CFGA Conference -  Nov 15-17 in Winnipeg, MB
Held at the Hotel Fairmont, the overall theme for the conference is Grass and Green in 2016 to recognize the important role of Canadian forage and grassland managers in providing significant environmental and economic benefits to Canadians from coast to coast. For more information, contact the Conference Coordinator.
Swath & Bale Grazing Strategies - Wed,  Nov 23 Webinar
On the fence about incorporating swath or bale grazing on your operation? Join us to learn more about this practice and why it may be a good option for you. Although advice will primarily be intended for producers in Eastern Canada, there will be tips and tricks that Western Canadians can incorporate as well, followed by an opportunity for everyone to ask questions. Provided b y the Beef Cattle Research Council.
Beef & Forage Week - NEW DATES! -  Nov 28 to Dec 2 across Manitoba
Manitoba Agriculture, Manitoba Beef Producers and Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association are hosting beef and forage seminars in your local community. Agenda topics include: beef market outlook, multi-paddock grazing, new online farm management tools and Ask the Vet. Dates and locations, go here.
41st Annual MB Conservation Conference  -  Dec 6-8 in Brandon, MB
Presenters on carbon ranching, water ponding, wetland restoration in other countries, local stories of big wins on the landscape, and much more. Held at the Keystone Centre.
Prairie Livestock Expo - Sat, Dec 17 in Winnipeg, MB
Held at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre, this will be your chance to connect with livestock producers!
Manitoba AgDays - January 17-19, 2017  in Brandon, MB
The Manitoba AgDays show is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and North Central United States.

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