MFGA eBulletin - September 12, 2016
Hay Situation & Price Update for September
Each month, John McGregor, MFGA Hay Expert, surveys Manitoba Agriculture Forage Specialists and forage industry people to provide a brief update of hay prices and the hay situation. Read the full article.  
Wet Weather & Hay Quality
This year it has been tough stringing together a few days of sunny, dry conditions to put up dry hay. This type of weather makes it near impossible to get good quality hay off the fields. Farmers who cut hay at the right time were frustrated with the rain that fell right after the cut. Producers who waited out the rains before cutting also ran into problems. Waiting can cause the quality of the hay to decline because it's maturing. Estimating the forage requirements of cows is an important part of the task of calculating winter feed needs. Correctly matching hay and cow needs is the most efficient and least costly method of feeding cows through the winter. Read more...
MFGA Aquanty Project Accelerates for Assiniboine River Basin
The Province of Manitoba officially signs on to flood and drought planning model. Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler recently signed the province's commitment to the $1.7 million project, adding his signature to Agriculture Canada Minister Lawrence MacAulay's on the project. Read the full Media Release.
Tips for Spreading Manure in Alfalfa
If you have manure to spread, sometimes the only place available is an alfalfa field, but that can be problematic. Liquid manure can burn leaves due to salt injury, and dry manure can smother plants if it is applied too heavily or in large chunks. Manure can spread weed seeds, and the nitrogen in manure can stimulate grasses already in the alfalfa to become more competitive. Also, manure application equipment can damage alfalfa crowns and compact soil. To minimize damage, here are six suggestions. 
MFGA subscribers, we want your number!
...the number of forage & grassland acres you farm, that is. If you haven't yet filled out our 3-question survey, please do so now and get   entered into a draw for a  FREE  MFGA golf shirt! Help us showcase the vital role Manitoba producers play in Canada's $5 billion dollar forage industry.

The 7th Annual CFGA Conference  will highlight how the Canadian forage and grassland sector is a critical foundation for sustainable growth and development throughout the Canadian agriculture industry. 
KEY TOPICS INCLUDE: Economics of forage production, Environmental benefits of grass on the landscape, Export industry development, The role of cover crops in annual production systems, Soil nutrient management and conservation.  This year's exciting line-up includes:  
- PRE-CONFERENCE TOUR (optional) : SG&R FARMS, a 2,000-acre grain and 300-head cow-calf operation and  MBFI RESEARCH FARM  is a centre of agricultural innovation.
- THE CONFERENCE: An exhibition, a full line-up of speakers, several virtual farm tours, and the CFGA awards banquet. 
Nominate a candidate for the CFGA Leadership Award - due Oct 28
Early bird registration  - register before Sep 30 and save $75!
Reserve Exhibit Space - first come, first serve
Sponsorship Opportunities - an opportunity to be seen as an industry leader
Call for Student Poster Abstracts -  300 word abstract submitted by Sep 15
View the conference website - preliminary program, reserving your hotel, and more
Employment Opportunities with MBFI 
Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives Inc. (MBFI), is seeking those interested in participating in leading edge beef and forage research and extension. MBFI is collaborating with multiple stakeholders to develop a made-in-Manitoba beef and forage research and extension farm in the Brandon area. Current employment opportunities include:
- part time farm labour - details found here
- full-time, six-month term Research Technician - details found here
Net Wrapping Offers a Trio of Key Benefits 

Three solid reasons to use net wrap to secure bales vs. plastic or sisal twine: 
1. Net wrapping is faster than twine wrapping, which leads to greater productivity.
2. Harvest losses from hay dropping out of the baler are lower when using net wrap because of the shorter time needed for wrapping.
3. Net-wrapped bales stored outside on a well-drained area shed more water and have less spoilage than bales secured with twine.
Industry Events
Manitoba Open Farm Day -  September 18 on farms across Manitoba
There are a record number of Manitoba farms, rural ag museums and more registered as Hosts for Open Farm Day - 48 in total! When you visit a host farm, you can see share stories, demonstrations, take tours, enjoy recreational activities, and learn more about the many Manitoba farm operations and products. 
Amazing Ag Adventure - Volunteers Needed  -  Sep 20-22 at Kelbourn Farm in Winnipeg
This event will host 1,000 grade 4 and 5 students to give them a hands-on experience in agriculture. To volunteer with Agriculture in the Classroom, go here or call 204-471-9698. The adventure takes place at the Glenlea Research Station and the Kelburn Farm, south of Winnipeg on Highway #75.
HM Open Gate: Moss Farm Day -  September 22 in Dauphin, MB
Cultivating Healthy Ecosystems and Food with Grazing. Open Gates are peer-to-peer action-based learning days with short presentations and small group exercises geared for participants to share discoveries and management techniques with guidance from experienced facilitators and producers. More info or to register.
HM Intro to Whole Farm/Ranch Planning - ONLINE -  Wednesdays, starting Oct 5 
In this course you will learn how to effectively manage your farm or ranch through the principles and practices of Holistic Management - a nationally recognized whole farm/ranch planning process.  More info or to register.
HM Holistic Financial Planning -  ONLINE -  Wednesdays, starting Oct 12 
You will develop a financial plan and identify ways to implement and monitor that plan. You'll learn the key economic analysis tools for improved financial decisions for both annual budgets and for long-term investment. More info or to register.
HM Marketing/Business Planning -  ONLINE -  Tuesdays, starting Oct 18 
This course provides key marketing and business principles that will help you determine the right price for the products you sell. Learn how to use your production and financial information to determine the best markets and the right price as well as prioritize key investments in your business. More info or to register.
7th Annual CFGA Conference -  Nov 15-17 in Winnipeg, MB
Held at the Hotel Fairmont, the overall theme for the conference is Grass and Green in 2016 to recognize the important role of Canadian forage and grassland managers in providing significant environmental and economic benefits to Canadians from coast to coast. For more information, contact the Conference Coordinator.
Prairie Livestock Expo -  Dec 17 in Winnipeg, MB
Held at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre, this will be your chance to connect with livestock producers! 

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