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** Next Meeting is February 27  **

  MMAC Pres. Newsletter Message,  
February 2018

Greetings to one and all.
            The Mid-Winter Flying Frolic was a complete success, and a great time was had by all. Rainy weather in the early morning delayed the start, but we had at least two dozen happy flyers frolicking by 11 AM. There were hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and soda for all, plus lots of my Oatmeal Scotchie cookies. My deep thanks to Scott Annis for an excellent job manning the grill. Warm temperatures and light winds were a delightful change from the nasty stuff we endured earlier in the year. The only minus was the mud that got progressively worse as the ground continued to thaw.
            After lunch, I turned my attention to setting up the potato cannon on the base that I made, and then tuning up my 43 year-old Lou Andrew's H-Ray and getting the tow line hooked up to my tow target. Take-off was iffy, as the target dragged a bit on the non-frozen runway, but I got it airborne on the second try. The H-Ray did a good job pulling all that extra drag, but that darned target was a bear to cope with. It kept fighting me constantly on every turn, and I found it challenging my flying skills as never before. That fact that the target went inverted immediately just made for more comedy. The gun crew did a fine job in perfecting the propellant charge, and the cannon began to really perform! The target finally won its battle with the H-Ray, and forced a crash after about 6 minutes of thrashing around. I kept my finger off the emergency release switch, 'cause I thought I could save it right up until the moment of failure. No lasting damage, and I fixed the plane just before Ground Hog Day
            That day is significant for me, as that was the evening that I slipped on the ice in my back yard, and broke my right ankle. I have sent out a few Presidential Bulletins on the subject, but to kept folks up to date, successful surgery on Valentine's Day and an appointment for this Friday. If things look good there, then they take off the soft cast, and put on a hard cast. No weight bearing for at least 3 months, then lotsa rehab.
                        I followed through on sending the documentation into the AMA for renewing our club charter. I should get a reply from them shortly. Mark Schulz took possession of the club's Night Vapors and spare transmitters for the indoor flying that I was unable to attend. Mark will be conducting our Key Swap on our February 27 meeting at the American Legion. I will be unable to attend club meetings for a while. As soon as they clear me to drive (with my hand-controlled Chevy) I will involve myself as +much as I can do. I will keep in touch by phone and e-mail.
Respectfully, John Holcomb, President MMAC.
Cell 617-512-3775       E mail

Vice President's Report
February 2018

As I don't do very much as VP, just wait for something bad to happen to John H. Well I guess a broken ankle counts so I'll be moving into the big chair for a while. Tuesday is the much anticipated "key night" which I would like to impose a little order in so we get back as many of this year's keys and know who has next year's. 
Also as part of new business, let's talk about the monthly auction. Great indoor fly, Scotty does a magnificent job. I have a flying story that (in retrospect) might be funny. It does contain some important lessons that others might learn from my mistakes.


Club Schedule
The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion in Millis starting at 7:30 pm February 27, 2018.

 Indoor Flying #4
Friday, March 2 6:30-10:30pm at the Milford Youth Center.

February 27 Meeting will be KEY night.


Secretary Report MMAC meeting of January 2018

Meeting called to order @ 7:34 PM

Old Business
The indoor fly events have become very popular. Last event had 35-40 people w/29 paying participants. Collections for the events have covered costs and we are now operating in the black. Reminder that club planes and transmitters are available for those that want to give it a try. It is a great event to introduce new comers to the sport. The Facebook web video of the indoor fly is drawing some attention with a couple of hundred hits. Promotion of the event by the Halifax Wingbusters was noted. Next indoor fly is March 9. Scott A. will send out the usual notification.
John Holcolm requested that Ken or Jaimie send him the current club roster.
The Fun Fly Frozen Frolic was a noted success. The potato cannon re-engineered by our President and subject pilot was a big success providing impressive long shots but sadly no hits.
John H. reported that arrangements with the Vets for use of the hall were complete for 2018.
A request from the Techstars Autonomous Technology Accelerator in Boston for use of MMAC facilities was presented. They focus on counter-drone technology for the U.S. Air Force. The request has been reviewed with an AMA representative (Andy) and it is believed that the challenges with insurance and required FAA approval are insurmountable. Club membership unanimously declined the request for liability reasons. Noted were that facts that their pilots would have to be AMA members and that MMAC does not own the field. Techstars will keep in touch and send their newsletter.
John H. is requesting more detail on the Facebook nibbles we are receiving with hopes of adding membership. Jamie noted the addition of the new online membership application and the availability of treasurer's report and other club documents to members via login. Several members found the application confusing and commented that the form was not intuitive. The suggestion was offered to add a big "continue here" button to help guide users. Questions were raised about where the info resided and what options were available for dues payment. The MMAC web presence is a work in progress and Jamie is requesting membership help with reviewing web pages. All suggestions for improvement are appreciated and welcome.
The process for the transition of club responsibilities, like the timing of club charter, Mass DCR payment and the updating of AMA info was raised as a concern. Longer-term members who are no longer active have historically handled some of these activities. Suggestion was for a documented process that insures timeliness and continuity.

New Business        

Next meeting is key night. Current Club and AMA membership is required, along with an old key in order to receive a new key. Gate locks will be changed the day following the meeting. Charles River RC to receive notification of the new key number. A reminder was put forth to notify local police and fire of the key change.
April meeting will be winter built night.
Contest directors needed. John will be the CD for the June Fun Fly but a CD for the Milford Float Fly has not been determined.
Spring cleanup date to be set at the March meeting.
Vandals destroyed the sand bucket at the field. A replacement bucket (covered) to be provided.
Donations sought for firewood, which should be placed in the container to keep dry.
Meeting adjourned @ 8:07 PM

Recurring Old Business

Town of MF has vision paper online for hospital

Standing Item - Take your own trash out

Standing item - Gate policy - Open and locked is now the official policy

Standing item - Contest Directors to schedule Fun flies need more contest directors

As more and more people use the old hospital grounds 
  • good neighbor policy 

T reasurer's report for January.

Starting Balance                                 $2177.44

Club Dues                                        $575.00
Indoor Flying                                    $280.00

    Total Income                                       $855 .00

None                                                $     0.00

    Total Expenditures                           $     0.00

Total checking                                      $3032.44

The Millis Model Aircraft Club is an AMA chartered club located southwest of Boston, MA and is dedicated to everyone's enjoyment of this exciting, fulfilling hobby. We come from all walks of life and range in age from 8 to 84. We always encourage new whether you're thinking about purchasing your first plane or a seasoned pilot looking for a new experience...   email us here to request more info about MMAC or a membership application.

The Millis Model Aircraft Club Executive Board 2018

President John Holcomb
Vice President Mark Schlutz
Secretary  Ken Bancewicz

Treasurer Jamie McDonough

                        A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR
  Hi Guy's;

Membership Renewal. This can now be done through the new MMRC website or the using the  2018 application at this link.  MMAC 2018 application.

To use the website, go to the 'OUR CLUB' pull-down in the navigation bar and click on 'Become a Member'.  Follow the instructions.  (Note: this is a work in progress. The PayPal portal is not up yet but you can enter your relevant information and you will get notification on where to send Dues.)

Note also it seems the FAA/UAS rules may be coming back.  See link...

The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion in Millis starting at 7:30pm February 27, 2018. 

Link for MMRC 2018 Membership Application and latest AMA membership in the Quick Links section....  

Photo from Winter FunFly 2018. 


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