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  MMAC Pres. Newsletter Message,  
January 2018

Greetings to one and all, and a belated, "Happy New Year!"
I truly regretted having to cancel our annual Frozen Finger Fun Fly, but I really felt that the danger of frostbite was serious.  I still want to have a substitute winter event which I will referred to now as The Mid-Winter Flying Frolic.  I have been working very hard on trying to construct a sturdy mounting platform for Brad Kaye's potato cannon, and I feel it is coming along very nicely.  As always, anybody who wants to send up target UAV's or shoot potato rounds at those UAVs are encouraged to participate.  I realize it is impossible to know what the field conditions will be on that day, so I will bring my hand-launch Battle Axe as well as my flying tank (Lou Andrews H-Ray) with or without a towed target.  Again, field conditions are unpredictable so I will have contingency plans.  Bring hand warmers.
I have already set the date for the MWFF for January 28, 2018, as there is no watchable football going on that day. (I detest the Pro Bowl)  I will get there early, and set things up but I'm hoping that general membership will begin filtering in around 9 AM.  We will have our fire going, I will bring oatmeal scotchie cookies as well as hot dogs and hamburgers, based on expected membership.  This means you need to let me know ahead of time how many of you are going to show up with appetites.  If I don't know you're coming you may not get a burger or a hot dog.  LET ME KNOW!!   E-mail and cell phone listed below.
Our indoor flying at the Milford Youth Center on January 12 was an amazing success.  I estimate we had 30 enthusiastic flyers during the course of the evening and everybody had a permanent smile on their face.  I hope more of you will come by and check it out and even try a little yourselves.  Remember, you don't have to have any indoor flyers to participate, I can always scrounge up something for you to try.  I rescued the two DX5e transmitters and the LiPo batteries from the Conex box at Bill Martin Field a while ago to protect the batteries from the freezing cold and to have the transmitters available to bind to one of the Night Vapors that we have available for club members and others to try.

The next indoor flying will be for Friday, February 9 at the Milford Youth Center.
Our next regular meeting will be January 30, 2018 at the American Legion Hall on Curve Street in Millis.  This is Membership Renewal Night, where you can get a discount for renewing at or before this meeting.  Hopefully, you have already renewed your AMA by now.
Remember to dress warmly!
Keep safe and keep having fun.
Respectfully, John Holcomb, President MMAC.
Cell 617-512-3775        E mail
Vice President's Report
January 2018

Not much to report that hasn't already been said by one of the other guys. I'm just getting into the V.P. role; eventually I will try and offload some of John's responsibilities but that hasn't happened yet. One item that I've been thinking about is streamlining the key assignment process. In the past we've had key night as part of the February  meeting. That's fine but I'd like to offer members the option of sending in a self-addressed stamped envelope with about a dollar postage with their membership renewal and we'll send them a key. This would help rationalize the process and make it possible to know who has a key and who doesn't. Please give me feedback on this idea, perhaps we can vote on it during the January meeting. Other than that, just waiting for spring and the return of flying weather.


Club Schedule
The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion in Millis starting at 7:30 pm January 30, 2018.

January 28:  Frozen Finger Fun Fly. Bill Martin Field

 Indoor Flying #3
Friday, February 9 6:30-10:30pm at the Milford Youth Center.

February 27 Meeting will be KEY night.


Secretary Report MMAC meeting of December 2017

Old Business
no December meeting

New Business        

Recurring Old Business

Town of MF has vision paper online for hospital

Standing Item - Take your own trash out

Standing item - Gate policy - Open and locked is now the official policy

Standing item - Contest Directors to schedule Fun flies need more contest directors

As more and more people use the old hospital grounds 
  • good neighbor policy 

T reasurer's report for December.

Starting Balance                                 $3029.39

Club Dues                                          $50.00
Field Maintenance CRRC payback  $745.00

    Total Income                                       $795 .95

Field Maintenance                          $1490.00
Web Hosting service                        $156.95

    Total Expenditures                          $1646.95

Total checking                                      $2177.44

The Millis Model Aircraft Club is an AMA chartered club located southwest of Boston, MA and is dedicated to everyone's enjoyment of this exciting, fulfilling hobby. We come from all walks of life and range in age from 8 to 84. We always encourage new whether you're thinking about purchasing your first plane or a seasoned pilot looking for a new experience...   email us here to request more info about MMAC or a membership application.

The Millis Model Aircraft Club Executive Board 2018

President John Holcomb
Vice President Mark Schlutz
Secretary  Ken Bancewicz

Treasurer Jamie McDonough

                        A NOTE FROM THE EDITOR
  Hi Guy's;

Membership Renewal. This can now be done through the new MMRC website or the using the  2018 application at this link.  MMAC 2018 application.

To use the website, go to the 'OUR CLUB' pull-down in the navigation bar and click on 'Become a Member'.  Follow the instructions.  (Note: this is a work in progress. The PayPal portal is not up yet but you can enter your relevant information and you will get notification on where to send Dues.)

Note also it seems the FAA/UAS rules may be coming back.  See link...

The next scheduled MMAC club meeting will be held at the American Legion in Millis starting at 7:30pm January 30, 2018. 

Link for MMRC 2018 Membership Application and latest AMA membership in the Quick Links section....  

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